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Allright, there are two last things i want to end with. The songs i have chosen for this. Like BlazBlue, the opening theme used for their intro is also the theme for Astral Finish. So to homage this, i chose RE:FUTURE, the song used in Mega Man X Legacy Collection. Unlike BlazBlue, however, it will be two different versions, the vocal one for the opening and the instrumental one for the Final Strike. All of the characters get this theme during the attack, except for Panty & Stocking and Scanty & Kneesocks, who they use FLY AWAY and I WANT YOU instead, and Morshu, who just hums the theme.

Anyway, it is done.
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Oh and You Wa Shock / Ai o Torimodose!! for Kenshiro as well, taken from the fighting game ArcSys worked on.
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Oh, and here's the logo for it

That's all for now.
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Here's what the main menu will look like. This is not final, as it needs some work because my brother accidentally put The Frollo Show logo instead of the Tekken one, but i the idea of trivia screens, which has 50 randomized amount of, but to give less time, i decided to reveal seven of them, plus a menuless picture for a better look.

You have noticed that there's a Namco x Capcom logo. Why? You will have to wait for a suprise.
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Thaaaaat's right, folks. Reiji and Xiaomu are joining the fray, making it 51 fighters. Now, you're probably asking, isn't 50 your main plan? Well, it was. Remember when i said about Shin Akuma? Well, once you defeat him, his normal form will be unlocked. Yup, 50 starters, 1 unlockable. Let's start with their moveset.

NOTE: Ignore the 52 in the number. It was a mistake for his part.

Reiji and Xiaomu (Namco x Capcom) (Zoner/Rushdown)

Both characters not only play as a tag team, but also has a unique mechanic inspired by Namco X Capcom. If you used one of your specials, a command move will show up, which will dissapear if you used that. For example, if Suzakatou is used, then the command move for Senko Youjutsu Ryuukoranhou will show up, and if Byakkohou is used, Ougi: Yomeri no Kata's command will appear, sort of like EX Specials, but all of those are counted as Special Attacks.

Shin no Raigeki (Right + LP and LK) (After grabbing the opponent, Reiji performs two lighting slashes, up and then down)

Fox Burst (Left + LP and LK) (Xiaomu shakes the opponent repeatedly before tossing them behind, resulting in a magical explosion)

Command Normals
Chirai Shunrai no Kata (Right + MP) (Reiji performs a slow, inward slash of electricity)

Xiaomu Wizard (Right + MK) (Xiaomu moves forward, attacking with her rear)

Suiren Ni no Kata (Left + MK) (Xiaomu does a water-elemental overhead strike)

Karin Rei no Kata (Air Right + LP x3) (Reiji fires a shot from his pistol, Gold, then dual flame slashes from his katana Karin. Press the button three times to continue)

Special Attacks

Nichou Jyugondou (HCF+ Punch) (Fires a projectile from one of his guns. Light and Medium brings up his magnum Gold and fires a fast shot (three for MP) and Heavy brings up his shotgun Hollywood and fires three blasts in 3 directions)

Nichou Jyugondou "Ura" (Right + Punch x2 after Karin Ichi no Kata) (Reiji uses both Medium and Heavy variants of the original)

Byakkohou (HCBF + Kick) (Xiaomu performs a Hadoken-like motion to fire a large, but slow projectile blast that reaches large length)

Senko Youjutsu Ryuukoranhou (Left  + Kick x2 after Suzakatou) (Fires three beams from her finger, followed by three Byakkohou, the last one makes her leap)

Xiaomu Tornado (HCB + Kick) (QCB + Kick in the air) (Xiaomu raises both arms and spins like a tornado while firing shots. Press Left or Right to move in either direction. In the air, she will ascend forwards)

Ougi: Yomeri no Kata (Down + Kick x2 after Byakkohou) (Xiaomu dress up in her wedding outfift and spins as normal, except she drops bombs from her skirt. Same as her aerial version)

Karin Ichi no Kata (HCB + Punch x3) (Performs a series of 3 flaming slashes from his katana Karin. Press the button three times to continue)

Karin Ichi no Kata "No" (Left + Punch x2 after Nitou Denkosekka) (Exactly the same as the original, except it adds a weapon case swing, then a dual-handed slash with Karin)

Nitou Denkosekka (360 + Punch while close) (Command grab. Reiji slashes the opponent with both Karin and Chirai, the last one launches the opponent in the air, before he finishes off by launching a ball of lightning.)

Nitou Denkosekka "Nimon" (Down + Punch x2 after Nichou Jyugondou) (Exactly the same as the original, except it swaps the lightning ball with a dual slash in a X-formation)

Suzakatou (QCB + Kick) (Xiaomu sends a blue wave that rolls on the ground from her katana. In the air, the projectile will be sent down)

Suzakatou Naminori no Kata (Right + Kick x2 after Xiaomu Tornado) (Fires three waves, then rides a bigger one forward to finish off)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Kimonfuji Haten Kou (QCB x2 + Kick) (Xiaomu launches the opponent with a uppercut slash, then seal them in a energy sphere that repeatedly damages them before Xiaomu puts more energy that it explodes itself)

Super Combo 2: Nimon Shishifunjin (HCF x2 + Punch) (Reiji fires Hollywood, then attacks with Karin, then Chirai, and finally shoots the opponent repeatedly, forming a seal while doing the last part)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Jyuu no Kata Tomoe (HCF x2 + Punch x2) (Reiji performs a forward Karin slash that sends the opponent upward. If done, he and Xiaomu jumps and fires a storm of bullets all over the screen as they are assisted by Saya before they all return to the stage)

Final Strike: Battou Ougi Shinra Bansho: Ultimate (Reiji begins by forming a seal forward to trap his opponent. If done, Xiaomu will then seal them in a energy sphere as she rise them in the air, then performs multiple dash slashes through them with various cosplays before kicking them down in her wedding dress. As it crashes down, Xiaomu comes down quickly to hold the seal as Reiji unleashes a series of attacks with all of his weapons before the seals breaks off. The move ends with both Reiji and Xiaomu perform their single slash at the same time in their respective direction, cutting the opponent in half as they shealth their weapons. The characters Xiaomu cosplays (except the wedding dress) appear very randomly. Here as follows:

*Iroha from Samurai Shodown
*The Among Us crewmate
*Shovel Knight
*Mayuri from Steins;Gate
*Amalia from Wakfu
*Estelle from Tales of Vesperia
*Dizzy from Guilty Gear
*Lara Croft
*Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club
*Isla from The King of Fighters
*Astolfo from Fate
*Lucy Fernandez
*Cure Black from Pretty Cure
*Nina Einstein from Code Geass
*Iris from Mega Man X
*Ladybug from Miraculous)

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And with that, all of the 51 fighters are in for the fighting. Here's a character select screen mock-up.

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Hey everyone! Is been a while hasn't it? Is been 2 months since my last post for the DoubleClash thread, mostly because of personal stuff. Without further ado, I wanted to do a better character select screen, since i'm not a fan of the original. So i asked my brother to design it based on the descriptions i made and voila!

Not only that, he also made low quality concepts of what the colors will look like. There will be only 8, like Smash 4 and Ultimate.

As you can seen, most of the colors contains a reference to something releated, while others are just original. Let's start off with Reiji & Xiaomu.

Oh, and if your wondering about the four green question mark, this is a spoiler, since i can't reveal all of them at once.
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Reiji & Xiaomu


Color 1: Kogoro & Mii from Project X Zone

Color 2: Haken & Kaguya from Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier

Color 3, 4, 5 and 6: Original

Color 7: Inverted colors



Color 1: SMG4

Color 2: In-game sprites of Super Mario Bros.

Color 3: Japanese NES boxart of Mario Bros.

Color 4: Fire Mario

Color 5: Japanese and European boxart of Wrecking Crew

Color 6: Metal Mario

Color 7: Arcade flyer of Mario Bros.



Color 1: Medium Punch

Color 2: Heavy Punch

Color 3: LP+LK in Capcom vs. SNK

Color 4: Light Kick in SF3: New Generation

Color 5: 6th color in SFIV

Color 6: 12th color in SFV

Color 7: Evil Ryu



Color 1: Standard alternate color throughout the FF and KOF series.

Color 2: One of his KOF2002 colors

Color 3: C+D color from KOF2000

Color 4: 7th color from KOFXV

Color 5: Appearance from the original Fatal Fury: King of Fighters

Color 6: Alternate color from Wild Ambition

Color 7: 8th color from KOFXV



Color 1: MP from Capcom vs. SNK 2

Color 2: 3 Kicks from Capcom vs. SNK 2

Color 3: HP from Capcom vs. SNK 2

Color 4: 4th color from KOFXIV

Color 5: Original

Color 6: MK from Capcom vs. SNK 2

Color 7: Nightmare Geese



Color 1: Sub-Zero

Color 2: Reptile

Color 3: Rain

Color 4: Ermac

Color 5: Original

Color 6: Smoke

Color 7: Noob Saibot



Color 1: Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection's P1 outfift

Color 2: Tekken 1 and 2's P2 outfift

Color 3: Original

Color 4: Purple tuxedo outfit from Tekken 2

Color 5: Jin Kazama

Color 6: Metallic Gold costume from Tekken 7

Color 7: Original

Akira Yuki


Color 1: Standard appearance since VF 4

Color 2: Virtua Fighter 2 and 3 appearance

Color 3: Virtua Fighter 1 appearance

Color 4: VF5's Costume C

Color 5 and 6: Original

Color 7: Ryu



Color 1: Lilith

Color 2: MP from DS3

Color 3: HP from DS3

Color 4: Both Punches from DS3

Color 5: MK from DS3

Color 6: HK from DS3

Color 7: Both Kicks from DS3

Jotaro and Star Platinum


Color 1: Manga appearance (Jotaro), OVA appearance (Stand)

Color 2: WSJ 1990 48 (Jotaro), All-Star Battle appearance (Stand)

Color 3: Diamond is Unbreakable (Jotaro and Stand)

Color 4: Stone Ocean (Jotaro and Stand)

Color 5: Heritage for the Future

Color 6: WSJ 1990 31 (Jotaro), Jump Super Stars (Stand)

Color 7: WSJ 1990 15 (Jotaro), Manga colors (Stand)



Color 1: Blue Team

Color 2, 3, 4, 5: Original

Color 6: Robot Heavy

Color 7: Zombie Heavy



Color 1: Electric Purple

Color 2: Hot Pink

Color 3: Neon Green

Color 4: London Spitfire

Color 5: Atlanta Reign

Color 6: Washington Justice

Color 7: Hangzhou Spark



Color 1: KH1

Color 2: KH3D: Dream Drop Distance

Color 3: Valor

Color 4: Wisdom

Color 5: Master

Color 6: Ultimate

Color 7: Antiform



Color 1: Manga appearance

Color 2: Hokuto no Ken 3 Famicon during regular and boss battles

Color 3: Hokuto no Ken 5 Super Famicon

Color 4: 1986 movie

Color 5: Hokuto no Ken vol. 1 cover

Color 6: SD Hokuto no Ken

Color 7: Manga colors



Color 1: Believix

Color 2: Bloomix

Color 3: World of Winx

Color 4, 5 and 6: Original

Color 7: Dark Bloom



Color 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: Concept art

Color 7: Dark Iris


Color 4: Venus the Milo (Leo)

Color 5: Archie and 2012 versions of Slash (Donnie)

Color 6: Turtle Saint (Mikey)

Color 7: Kirby (Ralph)
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Panty & Stocking


Color 1: Kei and Yuri from Dirty Pair

Color 2: Color Swap

Color 3: Stocking's pink outfift from The Phantom of Daten City

Color 4: Christmas

Color 5: Yoko Littner and Nadia from The Secret of Blue Water

Color 6: Scanty and Kneesocks

Color 7: The Stocking-look alike teacher from Jaltoid's Team Desu

Scanty & Kneesocks


Color 1: Mature and Vice

Color 2: Hair color swap

Color 3: Japanese Schoolgirls

Color 4: Panty and Stocking

Color 5: Goblin workers

Color 6: Human disguise

Color 7: Gold and Silver



Color 1: Marvel vs. Capcom

Color 2: Spider-Man 2099

Color 3: Miles Morales

Color 4: Manga by Ryōichi Ikegami

Color 5: Spider-Gwen

Color 6: Spiderwoman / Iron Spider

Color 7: Armored Spider-Man



Color 1: Fire Wave

Color 2: Crystal Hunter

Color 3: Acid Burst

Color 4: Soul Body

Color 5: Meteor Rain

Color 6: Explosion

Color 7: Drift Diamond



Color 1: Black Zero

Color 2: Absolute Zero

Color 3: Defense Form

Color 4: ViA from Mega Man X DiVE

Color 5: Vile

Color 6: Mega Man Zero

Color 7: Zero Nightmare



Color 1: X4 form

Color 2: X5 form

Color 3: 2nd form from X7

Color 4: Sigma-3 from Archie Comics

Color 5: Gamma Sigma from X5

Color 6: X8 form

Color 7: Sigma Virus

Marisa Kirisame


Color 1: Story of Eastern Wonderland

Color 2: Alternate appearance from Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

Color 3: Subterranean Animism and Hopeless Masquerade

Color 4: Immaterial and Missing Power and Phantasmagoria of Flower View

Color 5: Doropie / Krion from Magical Girl Doropie / The Krion Conquest

Color 6: Original

Color 7: Akko Kagari

Kiryu Coco


Color 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7: Original

Color 5: Haachama

Gawr Gura


Color 1: Amelia

Color 2: Kiara

Color 3: Calli

Color 4: Ina

Color 5: Baelz

Color 6: Mumei

Color 7: Kronii



Color 1, 2 ,3 and 7:

Color 4: Desti

Color 5: Sunset Paradise

Color 6: Whisk



Color 1: Murder Drone

Color 2: Axol

Color 3: Melony from Pokemon

Color 4: Saiko

Color 5: Vannamelon

Color 6: Niles and SMG0

Color 7: Wolfychu



Color 1: Original colors

Color 2: Original human form

Color 3: Krusty the Clown

Color 4: The Joker

Color 5: Heavenly Jester

Color 6: Hellish Clown

Color 7: Original



Color 1: Wizard's Coat

Color 2: Federation Fiend B

Color 3: Ministerial Vestiture B

Color 4: Ministerial Vestiture C

Color 5: Original

Color 6: Federation Fiend C

Color 7: Wedding Dress



Color 1: Shiny

Color 2: Game Boy colors

Color 3: Raichu

Color 4: Marill

Color 5 and 6: Original

Color 7: Clefairy



Color 1: Shiny

Color 2: Magby

Color 3: Azurill

Color 4: Cleffa

Color 5: Togepi

Color 6: Bonsly

Color 7: Toxel



Color 1: Shiny

Color 2, 3, 4 and 6: Orignal

Color 5: Gen 3-4 in-game sprites

Color 7: Manga colors

Agumon and Greymon


Color 1: Fake Agumon Expert and Greymon from Digimon Fusion

Color 2, 3 and 4: Various dinosaur-like Digimons

Color 5: SnowAgumon

Color 6: Agumon from Digimon Data Squad and GeoGreymon

Color 7: BlackAgumon and BlackGreymon
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Captain Falcon


Color 1: Blood Falcon

Color 2: F-Zero X Japanese commercial

Color 3: Pico and Wild Goose

Color 4: Jody Summer

Color 5: Dr. Stewart and Golden Fox

Color 6: Rick Wheeler

Color 7: F-Zero GX appearance

Scrooge McDuck


Color 1: Comic appearance

Color 2: DuckTales 2017

Color 3: Darkwing Duck

Color 4: Scottish flag outfift

Color 5: Ebenezer

Color 6: Flintheart Glomgold

Color 7: Christmas on Bear Mountain



Color 1: Third Act

Color 2: Mulan 2020

Color 3: Hanfu

Color 4, 6, and 7: Original

Color 5: Chi-Chi during Piccolo Jr. Arc



Color 1: Dingo Pictures version

Color 2 and 3: Concept Art

Color 4, 5 and 7: Original

Color 6: Archdeacon



Color 1 to 6: Original

Color 7: Reverse



Color 1: Battletoads/Double Dragon (NES)

Color 2: Mibobo

Color 3: Double Dragon Arcade

Color 4: Battletoads/Double Dragon (SNES)

Color 5: Double Dragon cartoon

Color 6: Little Mac

Color 7: Double Dragon mobile

Banjo & Kazooie


Color 1: Mumbo Jumbo and BK: Nuts & Bolts

Color 2: Bottles and one of the possible colors in the Squackmatch minigame

Color 3: Tooty and one of the possible colors in the Squackmatch minigame

Color 4: Boggy and a real-life gentoo penguin

Color 5: One of the possible colors in Squackmatch minigame and Terry

Color 6: Split-Up Pads

Color 7: Yooka and Laylee



Color 1: Trevor

Color 2: Eri

Color 3: Tarma

Color 4: Nadia

Color 5: Ralf

Color 6: Clark

Color 7: Fio

Jenny XJ-9


Color 1: Makeover

Color 2: XJ-5

Color 3: XJ-8

Color 4 and 6: Original

Color 5: My Neighbor Was A Teenage Robot

Color 7: Exo-skin

Hikaru Shido


Color 1: Umi

Color 2: Fuu

Color 3, 4 and 5: Original

Color 6: Princess Emeraude

Color 7: Nova

Johnathan and Charlotte


Color 1: Simon from Castlevania Chronicles and Portrait of Ruin 4koma

Color 2: Trevor and Sypha from the Netflix Castlevania show.

Color 3: Julius and Yoko

Color 4: Spiritia Rosenberg (Charlotte)

Color 5: Original

Color 6: Christmas (Charlotte)

Color 7: Vampires

Matt McMuscles


Color 1 to 5: Original

Color 6: Hulk Hogan from WWE: Steel Cage Challenge

Color 7: The Skeleton Dance (1929)



Color 1: The Merchant from Wand of Gamelon

Color 2: EG Fluttershy

Color 3: CD-I Mario (aka Fat Mario)

Color 4: Mama Luigi

Color 5: Dr. Robotnik

Color 6: Frair Tuck from Disney's Robin Hood

Color 7: Winter SpongeBob from Skellington's Revenge

CD-I Link


Color 1: King Harkinian

Color 2: CD-I Zelda

Color 3: CD-I Ganon

Color 4: The tunic when wearing a blue ring

Color 5: CD-I Impa

Color 6: CD-I Iron Knuckle

Color 7: Fierce Deity

Bulk Bogan


Color 1: Vargfren

Color 2: The Joker

Color 3: Cheeseburger Freedom Man

Color 4: Scoot

Color 5: Hulk Hogan

Color 6: Bonzi Buddy

Color 7: Dr. Thunder

Liquid Bulk


Color 1 to 7: Original

Color 8: Season 2 appearance



Color 1: SFA3's X-ism Kick

Color 2: SFA3 C-ism Punch

Color 3: Shin Akuma

Color 4: Nostalgia Costume 9 from SFV

Color 5: V-ism Kick

Color 6: Start+Heavy Punch color from SFIII: Third Strike

Color 7: Shin Akuma's Kick color from SVC Chaos
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Here's our first fighter from the mystery combantants.

Crash Bandicoot (Footsie)

Crash Kick (R or L + LP and LK) (A simple dropkick)

Command Normals
Jackhammer Spin (Down Right + HP) (Goes upside down and spins himself with his arms stretched, dealing 3-hits)

Body Slam (Air Down + HP) (Self explainatory. A powerful belly flop attack)

Sliding (Down Right + MK) (A slide kick, which can be cancelled by jumping)

Special Attacks

Spin Attack (QCF + Punch) (Performs his iconic spinning move. You can tap it down to continue spinning as he moves forward, but he will get confused after tapping too much. He has two variations: Pressing up makes him jump high as he continues to spin and slowly ascends down, and pressing down while in the air makes it do a hard-hitting stomp that instantly lands into the ground.)

Rocket Jump (CDU + Kick) (Performs a huge jump with his raised fist. A basic Shoryuken attack, but rises very high.)

Crate Throw (QCB + Punch) (Throws a random crate forward depending on the determined button. Light Punch throws a normal crate at a further angle, Medium Punch throws an Iron Crate in an arc, and Heavy Punch throws a TNT Crate in the same angle as LP, except it takes 3 seconds to explode, dealing massive damage)

Fruit Bazooka (QCF + Kick) (Crouches down and brings up his weapon to fire a Wumpa fruit forward. Holding the Kick button allows Crash to aim in 3 directions, right, up right and up before letting it go to shoot in that direction.)

Joke Teeth (QCB + Kick) (Throws a toy teeth forward, which hops against the opponent after landing, stunning them with a bite for a few seconds. Heavy Punch throws the furthest.)

Titan Power (Charge Back, then Right + Punch) (Calls a Titan to attack the opponent as he controls them with one attack. Each Titan depends on the detirmed button: Light Punch has Spike performing a dual claw, Medium Punch has Snipe firing a single sharp feather projectile that has high stun damage and Heavy Punch has RhinoRoller rolling forward as he curves into a ball, all while Crash rides on him.)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Death Tornado Spin (QCF x2 + Punch) (A powerful variant of Spin Attack that deals 19-hits before ending with a jumping Crash Kick)

Super Combo 2: Mojo Blast QCB x2 + Kick) (Crash performs a wall-bouncing punch. If done, Yuktopus will come in with a shockwave by playing a tune from its bagpipe that stuns the opponent, then slaps them three times before ending the move by firing a blue laser beam forward)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: The Invincible Aku Aku (QCF x2 + Kick x2) (Jumps in the air and breakes the Aku Aku Crate with his feet, freeing Aku Aku himself and wears him like a mask. In this state, Crash will be completly invincible for the short duration of the fight and touching the opponent deals decent damage. The classic invinciblity tune will play during this.)

Final Strike: It's About Time! (Jumps into his kart and rides forward. If the opponent is hit by it, then they will be dragged into a dimensional switching battlefield as Crash uses four of the Quantum Masks to strike them (Lani-Loli to phase in some enemies and Iron Crate above their head, Ika-Ika to flip gravity so that the opponent will be slammed by the same junk Lani-Loli phased in, Kupuna-Wa to slow time as Crash performs an even more powerful Death Tornado Spin using Akano, forming himself into an actual tornado to suck the opponent inside before spitting out). It ends with the opponent crashing into N. Sanity Island and getting barraged by every single Titans, not just from the console versions, but the handheld ones too before being vaporated into dust by Chimera, the final boss of the DS version of Mind Over Mutant. To celebrate this defeat, Crash performs his iconic Crash Dance with the Titans together before making their own unique poses at the end.)

Stage: Cortex Lair

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Get ready for the next fighter, because this one is an odd choice to say the least. Here it is.

AGES (Unorthodox)


VMU Flip (Right + LP and LK) (Flips itself to smack the opponent into the face, knocking them forward)

Rhino Horn (Left + LP and LK) (Turns into Vectorman in its Rhino form and lifts the opponent backwards with its horn)

Command Normals

Wolf Kick (Right + MK) (Turns into the Centurion Wolf from Altered Beast to deliver a flying kick.)

Zombie Lunge (Air Right + HP) (Turns into the Ebitan from House of the Dead to perform a powerful claw swipe.)

Spiraling Device (Air Up + MP) (Spins itself twice.)

Special Attacks

Flying Bullet (QCF + Punch) (Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone comes in and fires multiple bullets (or bombs for Heavy Punch) before turning left to leave.)

Crusin' Ride (CBF + Kick) (Turns into the Hornet from Daytona USA and performs a fast ram. Holding up will make the car stand up, which is great against the jumping opponent. If Heavy Punch is used, it turns into the Taxi from Crazy Taxi)

Firing Perspective (QCB + Punch) (Harrier from Space Harrier will briefly appear from the foreground to fire two or three blasts.)

Axe Slamdown (CDU + Punch) (Turns into Gillius from Golden Axe as it performs a jumping swing of the axe.)

Armor Breaker (QCB + Kick) (Counter. Briefly flashes yellow for a bit. If attacked, it transforms into Bahn from Fighting Vipers as it releases armor from its body, knocking the opponent into a wall.)

Robo Spin (HCF + Kick) (Turns into Vectorman as it morphs into a ball and spinning forward, dodging the opponent's incoming attack)

Street Throw (360 + Punch, close) (Turns into Axel from Streets of Rage to perform one of the four throws depending on the determined button, LP has it flipping over the opponent's shoulders to behind and does a suplex, MP does multiple knee strikes, which was then followed with a headbutt, then finally HP has it doing the Dragon Wing attack)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Mean Bean Drop (QCF x2 + Punch) (A bunch of colored Puyos will rain down 14 times to hit the opponent before dropping a stone Puyo to finish off)

Super Combo 2: Aiming to the Top! (CBFLR x2 + Punch) (Turns into an F-14 Tomcat from After Burner and speeds across the stage left or right while hitting the opponent.)

Super Combo 3: Flying Bonanza (QCB x2 + Punch while in the air) (Turns into a hot air balloon with the Bonanza Bros. riding on it as they fire down the entire ground.)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Jan-Ken-Pon (QCB x2 + Punch x2) (Turns into a gigantic hand to grab the opponent. If done, it and the opponent will be taken to a theatre play as they play a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. It plays identical to the one seen in Super Crazy Jam, except the opponent will turned into a 8-bit dark recolor of Alex Kidd, with the player turning into Alex Kidd himself)

Final Strike: It Takes AGES (Transforms into a gachapon ball from Super Monkey Ball to roll against the opponent. If done, it will turn into a gigantic egg from Billy Hatcher to continue attacking before stopping itself to transform into a bunch of Morolians fom Space Channel 5, Joe Musashi from Shinobi and a Koubu from Sakura Wars to bombard the opponent with projectiles with each transformation. Then turns into a dragon from Panzer Dragoon to strike it twice at high speed before doing a final transformation into a giant rocket riden by Segata Sanshiro to make an explosion with the opponent in space, transforming it into a costellation of its original VMU form, thus ending the move.)

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Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII) (Rushdown/Rekka)


Rocket Kick (Right + LP and LK) (A modified dropsault.)

Reverse Kick (Left + LP and LK) (A spinning back kick.)

Command Normals

Double Cut (Left + MP x2) (A rigth thrust, followed by a outward slash.)

Side Slash (Right + MP) (An inward slash.)

Slide Buster (DR + Mk) (A baseball slide.)

Meteor Slash (Air Right + HP) (A downward slash.)

Special Attacks

Limit Break (Down x2 + Kick, then hold) (Cloud will charge up his Limit Gauge meter below his health bar, either by getting hit or holding the button down long enough to reach its full bar. Upon reaching it, Cloud will go under Limit Break, growing himself a blue aura aaround his body for a long period of time until he uses a modified, powerful version of one of his Special Attacks, which will empty the gauge up to zero and the player have to do it again.)

Blade Beam (HCF + Punch) (Swings the Buster Sword upward to create a green, crescent-shaped energy beam as a projectile. Heavy Punch moves the fastest and its the strongest. Pressing two buttons during Limit Break makes the beam blue and deals multiple hits upon contact with the opponent by its bursts.)

Climhazzard (CDU + Punch) (Jumps in the air with his Buster Sword in a reverse gripped slash. Heavy Punch deals two-hits and rises higher. Pressing two buttons during Limit Break makes Cloud jump even higher and dealing 8-hits.)

Braver (HCB + Punch) (A forward leaping downward slash. Pressing two buttons during Limit Break generates a small energy geyser from the ground that launches the opponent into the air)

Aerial Fang (Air HCB + Punch) (Dives forward to perform an upward slash. Pressing two buttons during Limit Break makes Cloud doing two more upward slashes.)

Cross Slash (HCF + Kick x3) (A downward slash while dashing. Pressing the button two more times does two horizontal slashes, inward and ooutward that forms the 凶 kanji. Pressing two buttons during Limit Break makes him slash 5 times without the Rekka input as the kanji turns blue, zapping the opponent.)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Meteorain (HCB x2 + Punch) (Summons a bunch of small meteors from the air that hits the opponent multiple times. He can also do it in the air.)

Super Combo 2: Finishing Touch (CDB, Delta + Punch) (Jumps in the air as he spins the Buster Sword in a circle multiple times before ending with a downward slash, dealing 20-hits overall. If the opponent has a small amount of health, a special animation will play where they will be dragged by the tornado into the sky before crashing down, resulting in a K.O. It is based on the Dissidia version of the move.)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Omnislash (QCB, HCF + Punch x2) (Dashes towards the opponent with his glowing sword. If done, he will unleash a barrage of sword strikes before jumping into the air and charging up for a powerful downward slash, dealing 15 hits overall.)

Final Strike: Omnislash Version 97 (Uses Blizzaga to freeze the opponent. If done, the opponent will be barraged by multiple attacks from Cloud's party members one by one: Barret, Tifa, Aerith, Red XIII, Cait Sith, Cid and Vincent, which was then followed up with an upward slash by Cloud. He then seperates his Fusion Sword into fourtheen blades and performs the Dissidia version of the original Omnislash, where he slahes the opponent one by one with each blade 14 times before ending with a powerful slash that hits ten times overall. After this, the opponent will dissolve into lifestream, just like the once greatest SOLDIER, Sephiroth)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (Rushdown)


Hedgehog Needle (Right + LP and LK) (Tosses the opponent upwards and stabs them with his quills.)

Sonic Throw (Left + LP and LK) (Backflips quickly before perfoming a tomoe nage)

Command Normals Horse Kick (Left + MK) (Turns back and performs a back kick with two feet.)

Slide (DR + MK) (A slide kick.)

Spin Attack (Air Right + MP) (Curls into a ball and spins himself thrice.)

Sonic Rocket (Air Down + MK) (An angled dive kick.)

Special Attacks

Homing Attack (Air HCF + Punch) (Curls into a ball and homes on the opponent in a mid-air spin attack.)

Wind Up Punch (Air HCF + Punch, then hold the button down) (Spins his arm multiple times before throwing a straight-forward punch. Hold the button long enough to increase a little bit of damage.)

Spin Dash (QCB + Kick , then hold the button down) (Curls into a ball and dashes forwards at high speed. Holding the button will cause to charge his speed and range even further. When used in the air, he will perform a forward leap before landing.)

Light Speed Dash (CBF + Punch) (Dashes forwards at quick speed while trailing a line of rings, dealing minor damage but knocks the opponent in the air. Heavy Punch makes him dash at an upward angle.)

Windmill (QCF + Kick) (Performs a jumping spinning kick while at 360 degrees, dealing multiple hits. Its angle differs based on the determined button.)

Drop Dash (Air QCF + Kick) (Drops into the ground while curling into a ball and instantly performs a quick Spin Dash attack.)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Sonic Tornado (QCF x2 + Kick) (Curls into a ball and spins in a circle multiple times to create a large, blue tornado, vaccuuming the closest opponent to hit 12 times.)

Super Combo 2: Homing Mania (Air QCB x2 + Punch) (Performs a normal Homing Attack. If connects, he overwhelms his opponent with multiple Homing Attacks before ending with a dive kick, dealing 9 hits in total.)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Super Sonic Boost (CBFLR + Kick x2) (Jumps in the air and curls into a ball to perform his Drop Dash move. If done, the opponent will be launched in the air as Sonic turns into Super Sonic by the power of the Chaos Emeralds. He then overwhelms them with 13 quick dashes before ending with a punch that drags them into a wall. After that, Sonic returns to his normal form.)

Final Strike: Hyper Sonic Heroes (Turns into Super Sonic via the Chaos Emeralds and dashes against the opponent. If done, Tails and Knuckles will appear and undergo their Super forms instantly. Super Tails calls his Flicky friends to peck dash at them, while Hyper Knuckles performs a barrage of punches before doing a drop punch that creates a huge shockwave crater. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles then perform their Sonic Overdrive from Sonic Heroes, zooming around the entire screen in the air before Sonic ends with a Hyper Flash dive kick while in his Hyper form, resulting in a golden explosion that forms a firework of Sonic's head, as Sonic himself flies to the screen to give a thumbs up at the camera while in freeze frame.)

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Natalie (Epic Battle Fantasy) (Zoner/Glass Cannon)

Note: She uses her appearance in EBF5, and much like her origin series, she only speaks via dialogue boxes with facial expressions.


Lucky Star (Right or Left + LP and LK) (Traps the opponent with a sigil below them, then casts a golden star from the sky to hit them.)

Command Normals

Star Shower (Left + MP, then tap) (Fires a short-ranged spread of small golden stars from her staff. You tap the button to fire more)

Bonk! (Right + LP) (Swings her staff forward. Based on her normal attack seen in EBF5)

Druid Staff (Right + MP) (Swings that staff outward, which may poison the opponent for a short bit)

Special Attacks

Dark Pulse / Pulsar (CBF + Kick) (Casts a small black sphere with red outlines in front of her. The opponent will be knocked in the air if came into contact. Heavy Kick replaces it with a stronger variant called Pulsar, which has a vaccuum effect as the orb expands a bit.)

Toxic (QCB + Punch) (Casts a large, slow-moving green bubble that only reaches half of the length beofre popping. If the opponent came into contact, they will be poisoned for 6 / 10 / 15 seconds)

Barrier (HCB + Kick) (Creates a shield of hexagons in front of her. It is another projectile reflector that has a benefit to it, because once it reflected, the damage take by the opponent will be decreased at 1.5x for 6 seconds)

Purify (QCF + Kick) (Casts a golden cross sigil on the ground. This move not only has two variants, but when she steps in, it will slowly heals her at a very small amount of. for 4 seconds. If the opponent steps in, she will automatically cast Judgement, which is a huge beam of light that drops from the air above the opponent. Making the same input makes her cast Holy Light, a large white ball that explodes. While it doesn't deal as much damage as Judgement, it will cause a wallbounce for the opponent.)

Bind (QCF + Punch) (Drops a large black net above the opponent to trap them. It doesn't deal damage, but the duration of it depends on the opponent's health, such as when at full, it lasts short, but when at 25%, it lasts longer.)

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Rainbow Blast (QCF x2 + Punch) (Casts a large rainbow beam that the opponent with multiple pulses, dealing 4 hits. This attack stops the opponent from using Super Combos for 5 seconds)

Super Combo 2: Regen (QCB x2 + Kick) (An angelic ghost of the Slime Bunny will appear above Natalie's head as it drops multiple sparkles on her head. For every 5 seconds, health will be regenerated at 10% until it reaches half of it, making it 25 seconds. After this, the Slime Bunny flies back to the sky.)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: 7th Heaven (QCB x2 + Kick x2) (Generates a brief pillar of light around her by using her staff. If done, the opponent will be stunned as Natalie casts an alluring magical illusion of herself in a cosplay outfift depending on her color palette the player has chose while she strikes a pose and saying "Kyun!" before the opponent passes out. Even though it deals minimal damage compared to other Lvl. 3 Super Combos, her speed and Special Attacks are increased at 35% for 10 seconds)

Final Strike: Ragnarok Genesis (Casts Black Hole to vaccuum her closest opponent. If done, Matt will appear to perform his Cleaver move, unleashing a series of sword strikes while Natalie give him buffs. They then perform their respective Limit Break, Ragnarok (a series a giant golden swords summoned by a giant winged knight that rains down), and Genesis (a giant winged crucifix that is erupted from the ground), attacking the opponent at the same time. After it is blasted by both attacks, both Matt and Natalie strike their respective poses.)

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And here's the final character of the 6 question mark fighters

Bowser (Super Mario) (Footsie/Big Body)


Heavy Press (Right or Left + LP and LK) (Places the opponent into the ground and body slams them.)

Koopa Klaw (Right or Left + LP and LK) (A claw swipe, followed up by hurling the opponent backwards.)

Meteor Shell (Right or Left + LP and LK while in the air) (Retreats into his shell and slams down with his opponent.)

Command Normals

Megaton Drop (Right + HK) (A powerful dropkick.)

Koopa Back Fist (Left + MP) (A backhanded punch.)

Head Force (Right + MP) (A forward swinging headbutt.)

Koopa Wheel (Air Right + MP) (A aerial cartwheel.)

Spike Crush (Air Down + HK) (Attacks the opponent with his spiked shell on his back)

Special Attacks

Fireball (QCF + Punch) (Shoots a basic fireball from his mouth. Its strength and speed depends on the determined button. When used in the air, the fireball is shoot down before moving along the ground like in Super Mario Bros. 3)

Fire Breath (HCF + Punch, then hold the button) (Breaths a line of fire from his mouth, dealing multiple hits. You can hold the button down to keep it going, but it will eventually starting to become smaller and smaller until you let go.)

Angering Flare (Right, then HCF + Punch) (This move is used once per round when on low health. Shoots a line of slow-moving blue fireballs in a clockwise direction like in New Super Mario Bros.)

Flying Slam (360 + Punch while close) (Grabs the opponent and backflips into the air before slamming down belly-first.)

Spiking Fortress (CBF + Punch) (Two Shy Guys will appear to push Bowser (curled up in his spike ball) forward with a rope. Heavy Punch launches him slighty upwards.)

Koopa Punch (QCB + Punch then hold to charge) (A dashing punch that can be charged up to not only deal more damage, but to cause wallbounce as well.)

Bowser Bomb (QCF + Kick) (Jumps in the air and drops down with a ground pound attack. In the air, he only drops down.)

Minion Attack (QCB + Kick) (Summons one of his minions to rush over and attack the opponent. Each minion is summoned based on determined button.

LK (Goomba): A jumping headbutt.

MK (Koopa Troopa): Retreats to his shell to perform a dash attack while spinning.

HK (Magikoopa): Teleports in front of Bowser and fires a magic spell forward, temporarily disables the opponent from using Super Combos for 4 seconds.

2 Kicks (Lakitu): Throws three Spinys in a row before leaving.

3 Kicks (Bob-Omb): A Bob-Omb will walk in left and right before flashing red to blow itself up , dealing intense damage. It is always random on when is going to up, 6 seconds or shorter.

Punch and Kick (Petey Pirahna): Lands down and spits goo to trap the opponent. If done, it will then perform a rushing headbutt and flies off. If not, it will fly in the air and tackles against them.

Taunt (Hal and Jeff): Hal and Jeff will quarrel on which opponent they will attack first before attacking each other in a dust of cloud before leaving. It doesn't do anything, other than a some sort of easter egg.


Hammer Throw (Dp + Punch): Throws an arching hammer upwards. It is only good as an anti-air option.

Super Combos

Super Combo 1: Fire Storm (HCF x2 + Punch) (An advanced version of Fire Breath that deals more damage and hits)

Super Combo 2: Whirling Fortress (CDB, Delta + Kick) (Retreats to his shell and spins around while leaping, forming a whirlwind as he hits the opponent multiple times.)

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Giga Bowser (QCB x2 + Punch) (Transforms into the fearsome Giga Bowser. He can only perform two normal attacks, Punch for a double claw swipe and Kick for a mighty stomp, as well as 5 Special moves. The duration of this form lasts for 10 seconds before turning back to normal.

Frozen Shell (QCB + Kick) (Retreats into his shell and spins, generating an icy whirlwind from it that freezes the opponent.)

Explosive Head (CBF + Punch) (A slow, lunging headbutt that generates an explosion when hitting the opponent.)

Shocking Trap (CDU + Punch) (Crouches down and thrusts his electric shell upwards, shocking the mid-air opponent.)

Giga Bowser Bomb (QCF + Kick) (A more stronger version of the original that causes a shockwave when hitting the ground)

Giga Fireball (QCF + Punch) (A stronger and larger version that deals 3 hits.)


Final Strike: The Koopa Armada (A Banzai Bill is shot off-screen as Bowser points forwards to hit the opponent. If done, the resulting explosion causes a part of a grassy wall to form a crater. We see Bowser's multiple airships containing multiple minions: Goombas, Koopas, Spinys, Koopatrols, Magikoopas, Charging Chucks, Boos, Bullys, Lakitus, Shy Guys, Dry Bones, Mechakoopas, Hammer Bros., Chain Chomps, Spikes, Pirahna Plants, and Bill Blasters, as well as the Koopalings, Bowser Jr. (riding on his Clown Car while turning into his Shadow Mario form), Kamek, Kammy, Hal and Jeff, Steve the Pirahna Plant, General Guy, Sergeant Guy, Private Goop and Corporal Paraplonk, The Koopa Bros., Captain Basilisx, Goomboss, Petey Pirahna, Army Hammer Bro, Boom Boom and Fishy Boopkins (for some reason). They all gang upon the opponent with strikes and shots before Bowser reappears in his Fury Bowser form to finish off with a gigantic fire breath that turns the opponent into dust. After this, he returns to his normal form and performs his victory pose from Bowser's Inside Story before a Super Crown is dropped from the sky into his head, trasforming him into Bowsette unknowningly. This suprises his minions and embarrased his son.)

Stage: Bowser's Castle

And there you have it, the roster is now doubled to 57. It's done though, as not only i'll reveal the last assists, but also other stuff like specific character endings when one of your two fighters lands the final blow to SMG0.
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Snake: Kept you waiting, huh?

Hey guys, this is Vic speaking to you. It's been 5 months since my last post, mostly due to my personal reasons and irl stuff going on. The gears have shifted a bit quite recently, because now, DoubleClash: EX Edition no longer exists, it is now just DoubleClash. The character select screen have also gone through another change, now far simpler than it was back then. Have a look for yourself.

Now you maybe asking: "Hey, where's Zero,Liquid Bulk, Akuma, Captain Falcon and all the others!?" The simple answer is that there now relegated as unlockables. That's right, the unlockable parts have also been shifted. Instead of unlocking EX Sigma, the game will feature 79 playable fighters, with 37 of them needed to be unlocked through various conditions, alot of them being new. Some of the 128 Assists will also needed to be unlocked as well, but 37 stages will remain as it is, with only 3 (also brand new) needed to be, you guessed it, unlocked. Not going to reveal who the secret fighters are for now, but starting on December 21th, i'll reveal 4 of them and what conditions needed to be unlocked, but'll reveal the ones that are already revealed before the change.

Sonic: Beat Solo Arcade as Mario in under 25 minutes
Geese: Beat Arcade Mode as Terry by landing his Level 3 Super Combo against Eldritch Zero
Zero: Beat Solo Arcade as X without using a continue
Sigma: Beat Arcade Mode both X and Zero without losing your partner in a fight
Scrooge McDuck: Reflect 20 projectiles as Sora in Training Mode
Hades: Lose at Arcade Mode 20 times
Liquid Bulk: Beat Solo Arcade as Bulk after clearing his Story Mode
Banjo & Kazooie: Beat 10 matches in Vs. using the same Tag-Team fighters
Scanty & Kneesocks: Defeat 4 opponents using a Final Strike in Solo Arcade as Panty & Stocking
Pichu: Beat Solo Arcade as Pikachu with 2 perfects
Natalie: Beat Clear the Targets!! in under 3 minutes without using your Special Attacks during Solo Arcade.
Kenshiro: Beat 40 opponents in Vs. with a Final Strike
Captain Falcon: Beat Arcade Mode on Normal difificulty in under 20 minutes
Akuma: Beat him in Solo Arcade for the first time
VMU: Beat Clear The Targets!! with every single characters, even the unlocked ones.

Once you done with one of the conditions, the secret fighter will reveal itself ala-Smash Bros. and you have to fight them. Once defeated, the fighter will be unlocked and appear on the character select screen.

That's all for today, but i'm glad to be back on the road with you guys. I hope you have a wonderful time, and wish you a merry christmas. Catch ya later!
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Hello, everyone. As i promised, here are the 4 unlockable characters of the game, as well as 1 stage.

Batman (DC) (Footsie)

How to unlock: Wait for the Bat Signal to show up in New York for 4 minutes while playing as Spider-Man. Speaking of which, New York is a brand new stage for the game.

Batarang Stick: Tosses the opponent to the ground, then sticks a Batarang to their chest before rolling away to detonate.

Crusader Kick: A spinning side kick.

Low Hammer Fist: A quick dual-handed hammerfist.

Batarang: Tosses his trademark projectile against the opponent. If it either hits them or the wall, the item will land the ground and Batman can pick them up back since he can't throw another one after that.

Scatter Bombs: While in the air, he throws one or three Bat-Bombs to the ground, which sticks on either the floor or the opponent. The bombs will automatically explode after a few seconds.

Bat Slide Kick: Dashes towards the opponent before performing a baseball slide. Heavy Punch follows up with a turn-away side kick.

Bat Grapple: Fires his trademark grappling hook towards the opponent to attach. If done, he will perform a swing punch to their face.

Cape Parry: Counter. Flings his cape over himself while briefly obscured by his shadow. There are two ways on how he counters; If its a melee attack, he will perform a series of punches and kicks, but if its a projectile, he will simply crouch dash forward.

Smoke Bomb: Throws a Smoke Bomb below him, creating a smoking hazard that envelops both fighters. For a few seconds, Batman will be completly invincible when inside the smoke, while the opponent will be slowed down a bit and their projectile attacks will be absorbed by the smoke.

Crashing Justice: Fires his Bat Grapple upwards and gets pulled out by it before reappearing with a diving kick, knocking the opponent down. Air Crashing Justice only features the diving kick part, except angled a bit forward, as the ground version is only downwards.

Super Combo 1: Batarang Explosion: Throws a quick Batarang to stick on the opponent. If done, he will throw 6 more of them to stick and detonate it one by one.

Super Combo 2: Bat of Gotham: Jumps in the air to perform his Air Crashing Justice, then does a series of punches before throwing his Smoke Bomb to confuse the opponent, then reappears above them with his Crashing Justice, ending the move.

Lvl. 3 Super Combo: Vengance: Command Grab. Batman simply grabs the opponent by the chest as the screen goes black, then performs a flashy series of 9 hits as photos of his childhood to adulthood appears one by one before ending with Bat Grapple. The photos seen during the move are the murder of Bruce's parents, him standing on a building besides the bat-signal, him posing with the first Robin, fighting against the Joker, tied up by Catwoman, driving in his Batmobile, holding the corpse of the second Robin in a destroyed building, him with Batgirl while being surrounded by criminals aided by Poison Ivy, and finally mourning his parents in the graveyard.

Final Strike: The Dark Knight: Batman throws a Smoke Bomb, this time towards the opponent to stun them. If done, the background changes to the dark alleys of Gotham as Batman (accompanied by Nightwing and the third Robin) beats them up before suddenly dissapearing. Unaware on what happened, the opponent continues to search for the Caped Crusader, while Batman himself (inside his Batmobile) rams against them, sending them flying through a building before firing a rocket that ties them up. After that, Police arrived and they see them through a flashlight, with Batman looking at the distance in the shadows.

Luz and King (The Owl House) (Zoner/Glass-Cannon)

How to unlock: Clear Volley Mode with 15 Fighters. BTW, remember Basketball? Well, it became Volley Mode this time, playing similar to the Tekken Ball minigame.

Gameplay Mechanic: Luz has the ability to use a number of Glyph magic for her Special Attacks and Super Combos, through their use varies depending on the determined button. She starts off the fight with 100 of them, each represents the four elements (Light, Fire, Ice and Plant), but once she finished all of them, she will no longer use her Special Moves, unless her Special Technique called Glyph Refill is used, which only refills 10 Glyphs, but she will not use it until 5 seconds have passed.

Safery Net: Luz uses the Gyphs to hover herself for 4 seconds.

Owl's Circle: Swings her Owl Staff in a horizontal circle, knocking the oppponent forward.

Staff Sweep: A basic sweep attack using her Owl Staff.

Smacking Staff: A down swing of her Owl Staff.

Fire Glyph: Casts a fireball forward. Pretty much basic as it is, though if it collides with the opponent's projectile, it will explode into a stationary pillar of fire that lasta for 3 seconds before dissapearing.

Light Glyph: Casts a light ball that suspends through the air. It doesn't do anything at first, but when pressing Heavy Punch, it will grow bigger. When Luz gets knocked down, the ball will drop down and creates a holy explosion that also hits the opponent as well. A followup can be performed to which she launches it like a projectile that explodes into a sparkling light when hitting the opponent.

Plant Glyph: Casts two vines erupting from the ground above the opponent to bind them. It's duration varies depending on the determined button.

Ice Glyph: Casts a stationary pillar of ice in front of her, serving it as both protection and a counter. Its size will vary depending on the determined button. It must be wait for either 5 seconds or perform a heavy attack to quickly break it in half.

King's Horn: King runs towards the opponent and performs a horn attack. If hit, he will bounce back to the ground.

Hurricane Staff: Swings her Owl Staff in a circle multiple times. The Kick version makes it faster and hits harder.

Teleportation: Teleports to a different location depending on the determinted button and input.

Wind: Casts a large tornado that vaccums the opponent inside of it, before spitting up in the air and dissapears.

Monster Summon: Summons an Abomination via reanimating matter, which she then commands it to attack the opponent 6 times before walking off-screen.

Elemental Glyphs: Luz first uses Plant Glyph to bind the opponent. If done, she will consume 9 of them to erupt 6 bigger ones to whip them multiple times, then uses Ice Glyph to freeze the vines so she can follow up with Fire Glyph to burn the still trapped opponent, finally ending with a powerful version of Light Glyph that creates a bigger explosion that hits 7 times in a row.

Thanks to Them: King roll jumps in the air and dives down to bite them. If done, Luz will then uses Ice Glyph x10 to launch the opponent in the air via giant pillars of ice, she then follows them as she equips the Abomination as a spiked fist to performs various rushing punches while being accompanied by Amity. They then use the Petrification spell to turn the opponent into stone and end the attack by creating a new Glyph combo called Empty Space that traps the petrified opponent inside the empty vast of nothingess forever.

Boggy B (Worms) (Unorthodox/Zoner)

How to unlock: Clear Event 47: Armageddon without wasting your Final Strike. The Event Mode from Smash Bros. are here as well, only 70 of them.

Gameplay Mechanic: Boggy B can change up his Special Attacks, Super Combos and even his Lvl. 3 ones by looking up the weapons menu that appears above his head. With this, you can swap weapons with the inputs, which are divided into four tiers. After a weapon runs out of ammo, a stop icon will forbade you from using that weapon, so you must wait a set amount of time to refill. Tier 1 has unlimited ammo, Tier 2 has 7 ammo, Tier 3 has 4 ammos and Tier 4 has 1 ammo. Additionally, if Boggy gets KOed in the last round, he will explode into a bouncing grave.

Dragon Ball: Grabs the opponent and shoots a blue fire ball from his cupped hands, knocking the opponent forward.

Fire Punch: Leaps straight in the air as he performs a fiery uppercut, knocking the opponent to the other side.

Prod: A simple "Poke" attack that deals little damage, but pushes the opponent forward with great force.

Baseball Bat: A simple swing of the Baseball Bat.

Tier 1

Bazooka: Takes out his bazooka and fire a missile against the opponent. It's very basic, but it's range in Light Punch is pitiful.

Grenade: Takes out his grenade and chucks it forward. It deals little damage when hitting the opponent, but after counting down 0 though, it explodes, dealing much better damage.

Parachute: Leaps in the air and deploys a parachute to slow his fall for 3 seconds.

Mine: Drops a mine in front of him on the floor. When the opponent comes close to it, the mine will start to trigger its fuse and explode after 3 seconds.

Longbow: Shoots two flaming arrows forward. It can either stick to the floor or the opponent, or in some case, automatically explode the mine when fired to deal extra damage. When hitting the opponent, it will only push them back.

Banana Bomb: Throws a normal banana that bounces across the floor before exploding into 5 smaller bananas that also explode upon impact after 3 seconds, damaging the opponent.

Air Strike: Boggy will take out a communicator and automatically targets the opponent with the cursor, then the Jet plane will fly through the stage dropping off 5 or 6 missiles.

Tier 2

Mortar: Fires a very short-ranged missile in an arc that explodes into 3/4/5 tiny clusters that causes minor damage. Press LP to select it.

Dynamite: Drops a stick of dynamite on the floor that automatically explodes after a few seconds. Press Right + LP to select it.

Ninja Rope: Fires a kunai attached to a rope, which upon sticking to anything, will pull Boggy in that direction depending on the determined button. LP fires straight forward, MP fires diagonally and HP shoots straight up. Press Up + LP to select it.

Skunk: Drops a skunk to the floor, which will slowly walk as it emmits a stinking fume that slowly poisons the opponent for a few seconds. Press Down + LP to select it.

Homing Pigeon: Drops a pigeon in the air, which then flies towards the opponent to make a contacting explosion. Press LK to select it.

Mole Bomb: Drops a mole, which will dig undergound and reappears to suprise the opponent and explode upon contact. Press Left or Right + LK to select it.

Mad Cows: Same as Air Strike, except it drops either 3 or 5 Cows depending on the ammo. Press Up or Down + LK to select it.

Tier 3

Homing Missile: Works identical to Homing Pigeon, except weaker and leaves out a larger explosion. Press MP to select it.

Cluster Bomb: Works exactly the same as the Grenade, except it produces a weaker explosion, which also produces 3/4/5 tiny clusters similar to Mortar. Press Right + MP to select it.

Jet Pack: Equips his jetpack and allows the player to fly freely for a short period of time depending on the determined button. Moves quicky up, but moves very slow to the side. Press Up + MP to select it.

Termites: Drops three small termites to the ground and latch on the opponent to make small explosions. Press Down + MP to select it.

Minigun: Takes out the minigun and fires a rapid pace of multiple shots against the opponent, dealing 40 hits of damage. Press MK to select it.

Holy Hand Grenade: Basically a more powerful version of the original Grenade, except a "Hallelujah" sound effect is played before it detonates.  Press Left or Right + MK to select it.

Napalm Strike: Same as Air Strike and Mad Cows, except it drops large missile that instead of striking the ground, it will a wave of burning napalm that slowly deals fire damage for a few seconds. Press Up or Down + MK to select it.

Tier 4

Sheep: Drops a regular sheep to the ground, which will walk around the stage and something able to jump when Boggy also jumps. When hitting the opponent, it creates a massive explosion. Press HP to select it.

Petrol Bomb: Throws a motolov that explodes into a small wave of fire upon impact. Press Right + HP to select it.

Teleport: Brings out a button switch and activates it, teleporting himself to another location depending on the determined button, with HP teleporting him in the air.  Press Up + HP to select it.

Sentry Gun: Places a Sentry Gun on the floor, which automatically shoots a barrage of bullets if an opponent gets near it. It will stay in that spot for a few seconds before dissapearing. Press Down + HP to select it.

Super Sheep: Works similar to the sheep, except the player will take control of the flying sheep instead of Boggy and explode upon contact with the opponent, or explode automatically after 5 seconds if left undetonated. Press HK to select it.

Kamikaze: Dons a white bandanna on his head and says his last words before death, then launches himself straight forward and explodes with the opponent upon contact. It is the only Super Combo that deals recoil damage to him. Press Left or Right + HK to select it.

Concrete Donkey: Similar to the previous Lvl.3 SCs, except instead of a jet plane, it will rain down a giant donkey made out of concrete that bounces above the opponent three times before flying away. Press Up or Down + HK to select it.

All Tiers

Armageddon: Boggy B will attempt to grab the opponent and tied them up to a large firework on their back. If done, he activates the button that makes the firework fly all over the air before exploding itself, launching the opponent into a building of a large city. Then suddenly, a meteor shower will appear and scatters around the city to destroy its buildings, reducing a large landscape ino a small island, with the last one turned out to be a even larger Concrete Donkey (now colored gold) to destroy the last part and sending the opponent underwater, which is then followed by a quote that references their "death". After that, the camera switches to Boggy and the worms celebrating the successful plan.

And finally

Kyo Kusanagi (The King of Fighters) (Rushdown)

How to unlock: Beat Arcade Mode with both Ryu and Terry without getting a Game Over.

Gameplay Mechanic: Kyo is able to use his gameplay mechanics seen in his home series, such as Charge Power (which ables him to charge up his Super Combo Gauge manually), Heavy Attack (Allows Kyo to send the opponent to a wall, then crumple them to the ground) and the Backstep. When Activate Gauge is used, his damage output will increase a bit, as well as the ability to perform a Super Desperation, a more stronger version of his Normal Super Combos, which, while doesn't reach the strength of his Lvl. 3 version, are still very strong nonetheless, but he must act out fast because his Super Combo gauge will slowly empty out itself when Activate Gauge is activated. Additionally, if Kyo is below 30% of health, his Super Combos will automatically turn into Super Desperations, but its used once and never does it again until the next match, or in solo matches, the following round. Emergency Dodges are basically Roll Dodges, which he can also perform while blocking, though at the cost of 1 bar of his gauge. He can also perform a Guard Reversal, which is a counterattack that also costs 1 bar.

Hatsugane: Grabs his opponent, then drives his elbow into their back.

Issetsu Seoi Nage: A seoi nage, following up with a elbow drop atop his opponent.

Ge-Shiki: Gofu Yo: A two-hitting axe kick. Quick, but not as strong as Ryu's.

88 Shiki: A double low kick.

Ge-Shiki: Naraku Otoshi: A downward two-handed hammer punch.

>114 Shiki Aragami (Light and Mdeium Punch): Delivers a right hook. Can follow up with any of his moves to continue.

>>128 Shiki Konokizu (during Aragami): An Uppercut.

>>127 Shiki Yanosabi (during Aragami or Konokizu): Drives his rear elbow into his opponent; the variant done after Aragami floors the opponent instead.

>>>125 Shiki Nanase (during Aragami or Yanosabi): A side-kick.

>>>Ge-Shiki Migari Ugachi (during Yanosabi): Punches the grounded opponent.

115 Shiki Dokugami (Heavy Punch): Spins once and performs a left hook. Can follow up with any of his moves to continue.

>>401 Shiki Tsumiyomi: Backhands his opponent.

>>>402 Shiki Batsuyomi: Bashes his back into his opponent while jumping.

100 Shiki Oniyaki: A jumping backhand that unleashes fire while spiraling.

R.E.D. Kick: Leaps forward for a overhead kick.

202 Shiki: Kototsuki Yo: Runs towards his opponent to perform a forward elbow at them. If done, he will grab them by their neck and generates a fiery explosion.

75 Shiki Kai: Performs a jumping kick. Press Kick again to follow up with a second kick of his following leg.

Oboro Guruma: Performs two jumping kicks, followed up with a spinning axe kick to knock the opponent down.

Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagi: Lifts his arm in the air with flames coming out of his hand before launching a big, short-ranged wave forward. Can be held to delay the move. The Super Desperation makes him cover in flames, which counts as a damaging hitbox, with the big wave additionally dealing 3 hits in total.

182 Shiki: Begans to charge up himself before doing two turning punches. It can be charged up to increase damage. The Super Desperation adds an additional attack, which is a powerful Dokugami that generates a fiery explosion once hit, but not before doing a brief charge of course.

Ura 1212 Shiki Yakumo: Kyo throws a large 108 Shiki Yami Barai, stunning his opponent. If done, he follows up with a Dokugami and an uppercut, then ends by creating a flaming tornado in front of him, which imbues the Kusanagi clan logo above him.

The Three Sacred Treasures: Kyo performs his Ura 121 Shiki Ama no Murakumo move. If done, he will do an elbow strike, then follows up with a barrage of quick hooks while in his flame aura before doing the Oniyaki. Iori then comes out with a grabbing 108 Shiki: Tsumakushi to the opponent, surrounding both of them by a huge pillar of purple flames. Kyo then uses his charging 182 Shiki (powered up by Chizuru) to perform a rushing fire punch as Iori quickly backsteps from it, creating a huge explosion. The attack then ends with Chizuru sealing the opponent inside the Yata Mirror as it breaks itself into pieces, instantly KOing them.
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Re: DoubleClash Thread
#40  January 05, 2023, 01:40:50 pm
    • Italy
Hey everyone, Vic here. I hope you enjoyed your wonderful Christmas and happy new year to 2023. I'm gonna get back where i left off, so here are 4 new unlockables i reveal today.

Let's start with:

Niles (SMG4) (Footsie/Glass-Cannon)

How to Unlock: Clear Arcade Mode for the first time

Number 0: Niles can change one of his Special Attacks into a stronger variant of it when used that move, sort of like EX moves in a way, except it doesn't require 1 bar of Super Combo Gauge to use it. Additionally, using that variant will also turn his appearance as well by revealing his Zero form.

Dark Grasp: Grabs the opponent by the neck and chokes them several times before tossing forward.

Useless...: Grabs the opponent by the neck and impales their stomach with his hand before throwing backwards.

Pulsing Hand: An horizontal chop filled with dark chi.

Dark Fist: Spins once to deliver a black-filled backfist.

Hydra's Wrath: Dashes towards his opponent with his extended fingers of his left hand. During Number 0, it changes into Hydra' Scream, transforming his arm into a pair of hydra heads that lunges the opponent one by one.

False Person: Sends out a clone of himself to confuse his opponent by dashing. Heavy Punch leaves the clone behind him and does the dash himself. He can follow up with one these moves:

>Suprise!: A one-inch punch.
>Right Behind You...: Reappears behind his opponent.
>Look Up!: A jumping backflip.
>You're repulsive...: A elbow attack, followed by a haymaker punch.
>Blow Off!: A forward side-kick.
>Go Down!: A hard-knocking stomp.
>I'll dive you down!: Reappears in the air with a diving kick.
>Slide This!: A sliding kick that trips the opponent down.

During Number 0, False Person becomes Great Illusion, which functions the same as False Person's HP version, except he is followed by his own clones that uses their follow-ups.

Dissapearance: Backsteps away as he dissapears, then reappears to another location depending on the determined input and button. During Number 0, it becomes "Find the real one....", which he reappears with his clone to the other side of the opponent.

Dark Snap: Snaps his finger to make a floating black orb appear, which explodes on impact with the opponent. Its direction changes depending on the determined button. During Number 0, it becomes Dark Clap, were he claps his hands together to make two black orbs at both sides of his opponent.

Corrupted Punch: Command grab. Grabs his opponent and punches their face three times before tossing them away. During Number 0, it becomes Hole Maker, which he does a piercing punch to the opponent's chest that disables them from using Super Combos for a few seconds before kicking them away.

You missed me...: Counter. Makes a pose while taunting his opponent. If hit during the counter, he teleport behind his opponent. During Number 0, it becomes "Get out of my way!", which add a strong kick that launches the opponent away from him.

Hydra's Hunger: Performs his Hydra's Scream move, but instead of lunging, the heads bites the grabbing opponent while lifting them up in the air before the heads fuse into one for a huge crunch.

Sympathy for the Devil: Command grab. Grabs the opponent with both hands and makes a short monologue on how the madness caught up to him and why he acts like that before a devestating scorch of black fire engulfs the opponent and launches them in the air.

It's just an illusion...: Performs a dashing blow punch to the chest. If done, he summons his clones to beat up the opponent one by one before landing a final blow with him and 3 of his clones at the same time.

Divide by Zero: Niles plunges his fist into the ground, summoning a black claw that follows along to grab the opponent. If done, Niles will change into his Zero form and performs a ritual to sent the opponent inside a space time continuum, trapping there as a series of images of natural disasters flashes before their eyes one by one before flashing into a large eye with the number 0 on it, symbolizing his fusion with SMG0 to become Eldritch Zero, ending with the gates closing itself and breaking into black spheres as Niles absorbs them using his eye, then breaks down and laughs maniacally.

Snake (Metal Gear) (Zoner)

How to Unlock: Clear 10 matches on Shadow Moses Island (which is a starter stage btw) in Vs. mode.

Cardboard: Sits down and pulls the box over himself. For the remainder of the move, Snake will be pratically immuned from normal attacks and projectiles, and can crawl either left or right depending on the opponent's direction. It can be cancelled by pressing two punches or getting grabbed by his opponent.

Silent Takedown: Lays the opponent on the floor, then kicks them forward.

Leg Trip: Trips the opponent backwards with the sweep of his leg.

Commander Swing: An overhead swing with both arms.

Sneaking: Solmersaults forward, transitioning into a crounch.

Soldier's Axe: A slow axe kick.

Hand Grenade: Pulls out an M67 grenade and unpins it, before throwing forward at the opponent, exploding instantly, or it will bounce on the floor before it explodes. Light Punch throws downwards, while Medium and Heavy Punch throws forward. You can held the button down to delay it for 2.5 seconds. Heavy Punch will pull off a RGD-5 instead to cause a larger explosion.

Remote Missile: Pulls out a Nikita missile launcher and fires a remote control missile that moves forward (LP), diagonally up (MP), or straight up homes on the opponent (HP).

Mortar Launch: Pulls out a mortar in front of himself and fires a shell upwards, which descends down after it. The mortar slam knocks the opponent into the air directly to the shell's path. Can be canceled.

C4: Bends down and places a C4 on the ground where he is standing, or attach it to the nearby opponent. When is done, press the input again to have Snake detonate the explosive with the remote, dealing large damage.

SOCOMA Pistol: Brings out a Socom pistol from his back and fires multiple shots to the opponent. Its speed and uses depends on the determined button.

Covering Fire: Tosses a flare grenade forward to have 5 missiles launched off-screen in a line to damage the opponent.

RPG-7: Pulls out an RPG-7 rocket launcher and aims forward, causing a huge explosion.

Stealth Camouflage: Snake simply turns invisible. For 10 seconds, he will be in this state until he returns back to normal. The damage output of his normal attacks are also increased a bit.

Metal Gear Catastrophe: Snake throws a Stun Grenade to stun his opponent. If done, a spotlight will appear and spots Snake, who will sneak himself into the Cardboard as the Genome Soldiers comes out to shoot against the opponent. As Snake escapes, a Metal Gear REX comes by and rapidly shoots at them with its rail gun, followed by firing multiple missiles. As this is going on, Snake managed to infiltrate inside the mech and inserts a grenade inside its system before he jumps out of it. Once the explosion sets up, the mech falls into the opponent crushing them inside.

Yugi Muto (Yu-Gi-Oh!) (Unorthodox/Puppet)

How to Unlock: Summon your Assist 60 times.

Mechanic: Yugi is a unique type of character in that all of his Special Attacks revolves around the use of his cards, Attack Card (summons a monster to attack the opponent before vanishing), Summon Card (summons a monster that will aid in your fight for a long period of time), Support Card (Cards that will alter his stats) and Trap Card (Cards that acts like a counter if the opponent attacks Yugi), which he place it on the ground. The match itself starts with 5 out of 20 cards in his deck, but he can draw an additional one if that card was used. Attack, Summon and Magic cards will activate itself automatically after doing an input. If he ran out all of them, the player must held both MP and MK to regain the cards he used, but most of these will start at random, except for his Super Combos, which he will automatically activate after placing it on the ground. Also, the match always starts as Yami Yugi in the intro.

Shining Mark: Generates a growing flash of light from the Eye of Wdjat on his forehead.

Pot of Greed: Allows Yugi to draw two cards instead of one.

Magic Cylinder: Negates the opponent's move when attacking Yugi, then counters by inflicting damage to them.

Polymerization: Allows the player to automatically fuse two or three Summon Cards to become a Fusion Summon. Unlike the rest of his Super Combos, it does not automatically activate, but rather manually using Support Card if you have 2 or 3 cards on your deck that are compatible to this.

Exodia, The Forbidden: Yugi draws and activates the Sword of Revealing Light card, which rains down 6 glowing swords that traps the opponent once hitting the ground. If done, Yugi will then draw 6 cards of the infamous Exodia The Forbbiden One and places all of them on the ground one by one, thus summoning the giant monster. Yugi then shouts "Exodia, obliterate!!" as the monster charges up a sphere of light before firing the huge beam, pulverizing the trapped opponent into nothing as the Life Points UI displayed on the screen quickly goes down to 0.

Freddy Fazbear (Five Nights at Freddy's) (Footsie)

How to Unlock: Find the Fazbear plush Easter Egg in Story Mode.

Mechanic: Freddy has a Battery mechanic where the match starts at the light green battery, which will decrease by changing its color depending on the Special Attack he uses, including his Super Combos. Once the Battery's color reaches black though, he will start malfunctioning himself for the rest of the match. In this state, his Special Attacks receives a tremendous boost in damage that is similar to EX moves, but way stronger. The drawback is that he will quickly receive high recoil damage when using it, so the only way to get back to normal is by using Recharge. Cyan holds 20 full bars, Light Green costs 1, Green costs 2, Yellow costs 3, Red costs 4, and Dark Red costs 5.

Bear Headbutt: A series of quick headbutts, followed by a stronger one.

Pizza Slice: A stabbing knife-style karate chop.

Microphone Smash: Swings his microphone downwards.

Funny Belly: A jumping splash.

Fun Hug: Dashes towards the opponent with both spreaded arms to grab. If done, he will perform a strong bearhug.

Screamer: Makes a screech towards his opponent, blasting them away.

Big Bite: Leaps in the air and lands towards the opponent with a strong bite.

World of Freddy: Launches his microphone forward, stunning the opponent a bit. It can be followed up with one of the three moves:

>Chica's Song: Chica makes a loud screech, which creates 4 scribbled notes that rolls around like a circle.
>Bonnie's Guitar Play: Bonnie makes a small leap and spread his legs around while playing his air guitar.
>Foxy's Hook Swing: Foxy stabs the opponent with his hook and toss them behind him.

Body Breaker: A more stronger version of Fun Hug, which does three, painful bearhugs.

Soul of Child: Performs a chest-aimed crouching uppercut as he dashes forward. Then releases a big, electric energy from his body as he screams.

The Bite of '87: Freddy grabs the opponent with both arms and makes a large, repeated gruesome bites to their head while the entire screen turns into red and black. After that, Freddy ends with a stronger Screamer that knocks his opponent forward.

IM DEAD INSIDE: Freddy launches his microphone forward to tied up his opponent. If done, he will perform various dash attacks left and right, until the screen starts to glitch out. Instead of the usual Final Strike song, it goes quiet for a bit, as distorted images depecting the events of The Bite of '87 happened through sprites similar to the minigames seen in FNAF games. As the images began to dissapear, the Toreador March song (also from the games) plays as Freddy's eyes will flash repeatedly, then jumpscares the player with a lunge that covers most of the screen with red blood, implying that the opponent was killed by him. After this, a newspaper will fly by that reads "The contestant has gone missing" while showing the picture of said opponent, ending the move.
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