[BOR] Pocket Dimensional Clash (Read 4001 times)

Started by O Ilusionista, January 14, 2013, 12:46:24 am
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[BOR] Pocket Dimensional Clash
#1  January 14, 2013, 12:46:24 am
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Pocket Dimensional Clash was one of my fullgame projects done for the Mugen engine, back at 2010.
In fact, its an evolution of a very old project, from 2002.

There were many reasons to stop it:  the roster getting too big, I've developed a great template but it was very time consuming and a bit hard to code, the clash of styles (HR effects on NES sprites, something I liked on the past but now I just hate), the move for the Mugen 1.0 would be VERY tedious to do (since I use Z plane and the newer version of mugen doesn't have it anymore) got the picture.

Well, time passed by and another engine, OpenBOR, got my attention. After 1 year, I decided to start to learn it we are :)

Here are the game specs:
- NES-like styled graphics only(not a straight NES style, but close to that)
- NES-like sounds and music, with some made by myself.
- 4 players
- Initial roster of 4 or 5 playable chars. You will unlock more chars once you progress in the game. I am targeting something like 20.
- NPC chars which helps you through the game.
(more info to come)

Beta 2 is out.

- Bugs fixed
- Captain Commando is playable
- Scripted throws (Cap. Commando only)
- boss fight
- improves on some codes.

Pocket Dimensional Clash - BOR preview
Pocket Dimensional Clash - BOR Beta 2

1- Download the engine here:
2- Download the mod and put the .pak on the PAKS folder http://AD REFERRALS ARE FORBIDDEN/HHOt2
Re: [BOR] Pocket Dimensional Clash
#2  January 15, 2013, 11:27:48 pm
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You know that i like this already. The classic look and gameplay is great and you have already enough material gathered since this is converted from Mugen to BOREngine. İ am also sure that more interesting characters will be included in this. Everything is excellent to me.
Re: [BOR] Pocket Dimensional Clash
#3  January 16, 2013, 12:53:43 am
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Thank you man :) I plan to release a new beta soon
Re: [BOR] Pocket Dimensional Clash
#4  March 09, 2024, 11:52:09 pm
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Free Download: Enjoy this fan-made beat em up with 8-bit graphics, crossover from universes such as Street Fighter, KOF, Comics, Double Dragon and others, in 4P co-op! For Windows, Linux and Android

• Developed in OpenBOR V3 build 6391.
Does not work in V4 or any version later than version 6391. There is no provision to migrate to V4 at this time.

• Works on official platforms: Windows, Android and Linux (not tested).
It may work on alternative platforms such as Raspbery Pi, SNES/Genesis/PSX Mini/Batocera/3DS/Switch etc
AS LONG AS the code for these versions is not later than version 6391.
But there is no guarantee or intention that it will work.

• Does not work on platforms such as WII, PSP and any legacy platforms.

• 16 playable characters in total (unlockable)
• Customized controls - Choose between Classic Controls (with motion controls such as D, F + Attack) or Modern Controls (Pressing just one button + directional pad).

• Archetypes:
The selection screen we have the classification of each character based on type (All Around, Zoner, Melee, Powerhouse, Speedster).
Certain types will have additional traits (all Melee can perform Wall Jump for example).
And certain characters will be able to inherit specific traits, like Chun Li with Wall Jump.

• Adaptative Difficulty

The game has some elements to balance the difficulty based on the number of players on the screen at the same time:

- All enemies, including bosses, gain a total health bonus of up to 60% (maximum, with 4 players).

- The number of enemies you face in levels (and their type) changes

- Some obstacles only give items depending on the number of people on the screen

- Certain items no longer appear if a certain number of players are present

Preview and Download
Re: [BOR] Pocket Dimensional Clash
#5  April 02, 2024, 05:04:05 am
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Updates V2.1

Main updates

- Added a new playable character: Super Skrull, which is available in all modes for now. In the future, he will need to be unlocked after you defeat him.

- Added a mandatory tutorial level, in story mode only, that teaches players the game's commands. Even though I'm not a big fan of tutorials like this, I noticed that most people don't read HOW TO PLAY :)

- Playable character balance: Zoner-type characters have been balanced, with defense reduced to 95% (in some cases, 90%) and increased MP cost for firing projectiles.

- Issues with enemies randomly stuck outside the screen have been resolved.

- Problems losing 2 lives if you fell in specific places in the platform phase have been resolved (I think, lol).

Minor updates

- Generalized balancing for several bosses (some became easier, others more difficult), which includes new movements, rise attacks, bug fixes, calling for reinforcements, etc.

- Balancing on different playable characters (speed, damage, juggle cost, etc.)

- Difficulty reduction on certain levels (platforms and traps)

- New cameos in levels

- More secret items spread throughout the levels (and I didn't see anyone find them all).

- Improvements in some levels

- Removed the word DEMO from the game, based on the feedback we have already received, as the game already has enough content and a cohesive story to no longer be considered a demonstration.

NOTE: Out of the 1200+ downloads on Gamejolt (plus others I can't count), I have only received two incidences of the game crashing randomly, and one of those came from someone who tried to run the game on a different version than it was programmed for.

It's worth remembering that the game was developed to work SPECIFICALLY with the versions of Windows, Linux and Android that I made available in the package.

In case the game closes suddenly, please send me the "OpenBorLog.txt" file from the LOGS folder.

If you have already finished the game, please share your feedback with me by accessing this form (caution, contains story spoilers)

Preview and Download:
Re: [BOR] Pocket Dimensional Clash
#6  June 03, 2024, 09:17:42 pm
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Introducing our newest playable character: Yo Noid, the iconic mascot from the classic NES game!