Heart Aino Ending by GuyZero32k4 (Read 17517 times)

Started by guy-zero32k4, April 23, 2013, 02:04:42 PM
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Heart Aino Ending by GuyZero32k4
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Well, here's the second ending that I did.  Why her of all people?   Well, here's the reason:
My friend who'd come over to my house saw the Dizzy ending that I was working on at the time (the upcoming third release)
And sarcasticly said "so you gonna make endings for everyone in mugen?  I bet you can't. "  I said "I'd want to if I could, especially something new or a twist or spin on one."  "Oh really..." he said, looking at the people on my selction screen he pointed out Heart, calling her silly looking.  "If you can, I'll treat you for dinner." I was "Not only an ending but her kicking Thanos's ass, and you pay for my dinner."  I was all:

 When I finished a week later, I show it to him and said "You owe me Red Robin fucker."

Here's preview pic:

Was still getting better when I first made this ending.  Touched up a couple of things for this release.  If you want video for preview instead, let me know.
******Edit:  Here's video of the ending:

Here's DL:

I'm having fun doing these.  Next release will be Dizzy from Guilty Gear next week.  Let me know if you guys are liking these.
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