Abyss Mvc2 Stage + Edit  (Read 21663 times)

Started by !E, March 21, 2008, 06:55:23 AM
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Abyss Mvc2 Stage + Edit
New #1  March 21, 2008, 06:55:23 AM
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Abyss finally has a stage, I made this stage for Sludge's Abyss.
This is a 2d custom stage, so don't expect it to be 100% ripped from Mvc2.
Custom effect were made with photoshop.

Low Res + Super Jump
Download: > Stage > Etg
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Re: Abyss Mvc2 Stage + Edit
#2  March 21, 2008, 07:21:43 AM
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I see my advice from last time was ignored, since I see some of the same mistakes from the last stage.

1) Floortension is missing and verticalfollow is too low.  Try 60 and .8, respectively.  This makes for smoother jumping, and characters will stay on-screen before reaching the top.

2) Player start points are asymmetrical.  There's no reason for doing this.  Reset p1startx and p2startx.

3) Transparencies need work or need to be added.  The green bubble animations should be a1, not a.  Try adding a1 for the red dragon pillars.  You could try addalphas for the other effects (for example, try trans = addalpha; alpha = 128,256 or as128d256 in animation).

4) The floor is broken.  The pillars near the stairs slide a little.  Characters slide quite a bit.  The parallax artifact at the far ends of the stage looks awful. Width is not even a good choice here; width is best for tiled floors.  Xscale would have been more appropriate for parallax.  If you cannot properly code a parallax floor, then you should have looked up a tutorial.  I put up a pretty good parallax mini-tutorial as a response to your last stage.

5) Speaking of deltas, they need work.  Basically, the floor and everything connected directly to the floor is 1,1 and objects behind the floor should get progressively smaller than 1,1 to create better depth.  Even for parallax, the settings are chosen so that the zoffset line has a delta of 1,1.

6) The transparent spheres need better positioning/centering.  The lightning effect needs some editing as the borders seem to go past the pillar edges.

So, needs a lot of tweaks.
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