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Started by RagingRowen, January 21, 2020, 12:20:19 AM
Capcom Crossover Universe (?)
#1  January 21, 2020, 12:20:19 AM
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My plan for this Full Game is to have a diverse roster featuring characters from every dev Capcom has 'crossover'd' with officially in terms of Fighting Games (Mostly).

Gameplay System:
  • 3 Button
  • (Air) Chain Combos
  • Either Run or Dash (Depends on Sprites)
  • Dodging + Rolls
  • Guard Cancel (Likely a Roll)
  • Throws
  • Power Attacks: Standing is a KOF-Style CD with Wall Bounce, Crouching is a Launcher and Jumping is an Air Knockdown
  • Level 1 and 3 Supers

X = Light
Y = Medium
Z = Heavy
A = Dodge/Roll
B = Throw
C = Power Attack

Chain Combo Route:
X > Y > Z > C

Super Inputs:
X/Y/Z = Level 1
C = Level 3

Crossover Companies:
Arika (SF EX/Fighting Layer characters are their property now.)
Tatsunoko (?)
ArcSys (? - They developed Sengoku Basara X for Capcom)

My idea is to have the Crossover side take about 3/5 of the overall roster, and Capcom will take up the other 2/5.
In conclusion, Capcom will have the most characters.

To get a better idea, here's a rough draft of what the select screen could look like:

This is a concept I'm slowly trying to get started with, but pre-production and prototyping is a chore because of I'm a bit busy with multiple WIPS, interests and school work.
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Re: Capcom Crossover Universe (?)
#2  January 21, 2020, 12:53:42 AM
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I like the concept and that draft of the select screen.

But tbh, i got mixed feelings when you talked about "easier super inputs", not a fan of the way MvC deals with supers.
Re: Capcom Crossover Universe (?)
#3  December 19, 2021, 11:07:18 PM
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Bumping because I gained interest in this game idea again. First post was updated with Gameplay System Brainstorming.