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Started by Invictus, October 18, 2009, 10:47:43 AM
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Read Before Creating a Topic
New #1  October 18, 2009, 10:47:43 AM
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What ever your problem might concern, please use the general search function located on the top right corner beforehand. It is likely that a similar type of problem has already been posted, so for the sake of not flooding the forum, make a use of it.

There are few values that should be kept in mind when creating a new topic:

1) Name the topic describing the best of your problem.

2) Do not post in CAPS, some might find it offensive, nor should you be offensive in any other way. As a result, your problem will most likely be ignored. Good grammar is always recommendable.

3) Point out the problem clearly and be as informative as possible.

4) If you can't describe what the problem is, you should atleast try posting some screenshots. You'll need to use an image hosting site, eg. ImageShack, to upload your image and transfer it into a link. Insert the link to your image between the image tags that you get after pressing the following icon: .

5) Make sure to mention your current M.U.G.E.N version, e.g. WinMugen/WinMugen +/Mugen 1.0 for the fact that their coding varies between each version.

6) Last but not least, do not spam your topic, eg. don't update your problem by replying to your own topic, it makes it harder to read, here's a bad example. The best way is to keep updating the very first post.

Thank you for reading.

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