KOFOnMVCSteroids?GameplaySystem? (Read 1316 times)

Started by BurningSoul, November 25, 2021, 05:19:54 PM
#1  November 25, 2021, 05:19:54 PM
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A gameplay system that is a mix of SNK and MVC
Only 4 Button Classic Kof
Forward Moves that are launchers
Chain/Air Combos maybe links? Idk probably a lot more nerfed compared to mahvel
Push Block
Shatter Strike
Max Mode(EX moves consume 250(1/4th of bar),Lv1 Super consume 500 meter,Lv2 Super consume 1000 Lv3 Supers Consume 1500,Gives Drive Cancels from Specials to EX Moves,)
HD Mode(Can only be activated when Max is active Consumes Half Max Bar and 1 Normal Powerbar,Allows all EX moves to Juggle Reset)
EX moves are normal inputs while normal Specials are the easier inputs from MVC games no more button combinations for EX moves)
Super Inputs are normal they aint the easier ones.
No Max Supers,Lv2 Supers will only be Lv2's not buffed up versions of Lv1's,
Re: KOFOnMVCSteroids?GameplaySystem?
#2  November 29, 2021, 09:23:27 PM
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  • I swear I've been working on Geese all this time.
  • Kind of POTS style editor, except not really.
Seems like a cool gameplay system. I like it. Who do you think you'll use the system with first?