X-23 BETA (v0.5) Release (Read 4322 times)

Started by Mammalman, October 24, 2020, 01:48:23 PM
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X-23 BETA (v0.5) Release
#1  October 24, 2020, 01:48:23 PM
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This char is edited creation based on first X-23 by Somm and vellrrarth.

Sprites : Vellrrarth, Mammalman and Rojin70
Codes : Mammalman and Somm
Download :

* Sprites used for this character are based on Rojin70's pixel arts, include his private works.
   If you wanna use the sprites in some other way, release a modified creation includes these, or post this char to somewhere, please be sure to get permission from Rojin70, with putting his name on a def file and Readme.
* As all I managed to get permission was only Rojin70, I removed all the sprites and parts by the other pixel artists from original SFF file I used as a base.
 So you don't have to be worried about their involvement.
* This char's codes are opened. feel free to use for any kinds of way.
   If you give a credit I'll be pleased

* You gotta find lots of lacks or something odd on this char. You may feel like each animations doesn't look like a same person.
  Currently these sprites are still under production.
  As all I managed to get permission was only Rojin70, I had to redraw most sprites firstly edited by Vellrrarth to remove parts
  based on other pixel artists. Additionally I took base sprites from various chars.
  For those reasons I struggled to get a hang of editing sprites. That's why entire details lack uniformity.
  But don't worry, I've already been at the stage of refining these, and planning to add more other stuffs in upcoming version too.
  Final version will be released in not so long future. Hope you look forward to with some optimism.

* Colors of her hair and clothes aren't separated in pallet. So it forces her to have same color on both in any alternate pallet.
  Kinda I feel bad to say, currently I put another things ahead of solving this problem (So sure it's gonna be seriously tough work)
  And I'm not sure if I would make smart pallet in upcoming update, sorry.


* D,DF,F + P - Spin Attack
* F,D,DF + P - Flash Thrust
* F,D,DF + P - Flip Kick
* D,DF,F + P (in air) - Divekick

* D,DF,F + PP - Hyper Spin Attack
* B,D,DB + PP - Fatal Counter

* PP, while guarding - Guard Push
* Hold forward/back when lying down - Recovery Roll


- Keep rearranging sprites.
- More moves, effects and animations.
- Giving her voice effects from MVC3.
- A new AI
- Changing sound effects entirely.
- Changing Hyper background and portrait.
- Adjusting color pallets.
- More intros and win poses.
- Combo Adjustments.
- And other minor stuffs.

Special thanks to:

Rojin70 - Big thanks for accepting my bold demand, giving me permission to use his sprites with good grace.

Somm and vellrrarth - for making first X-23 based on.
                                If their creation hadn't existed I didn't even happen to start(continue) this project.

Kong - for his sprite rips I used as base spites.

TeamCVG - reffered flipkick codes from their Spawn.