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Started by Kernel panic, April 01, 2024, 04:00:22 pm
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Pesoguin POTS style
#1  April 01, 2024, 04:00:22 pm
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Actually the joke is in the title of the thread.

This release doesn't try to imitate the POTS style but rather uses it as an enchantment to improve the character's old features.

* Power charging effect 'changed' to POTS style (blue color)
* Special effect 'changed' to POTS style level 3 (blue color)
* Finishing effect 'changed' to POTS style (blue color)

* The three powers scheme is back
* Different voice system (previously done with freqmul) was restored with sounds edited in Audacity.
* New attacks and specials added for each power (check the 0readme.html)

* Improved experience and level system
* Improved finishing moves
* Added electrocultated, burned and frozen animations
* Parry (c)
* Nico Douga comments XD

* Improved color palette and 'some' sprites fixed
* Drill special can be controlled (moving like in the snake game)
* New animations for intro, standby and victory
* Kaduken changed to Gadoken

* Winmugen version included (working with POTS effects)

Classic bugs:
* Walk on air is back: I decided not to use changestate in state 0 anymore...
* Clones: Some helpers may ignore the HitOverride
* Almost infinite fatality: If a fatality occurs after a KO, things will get a little weird

* Pesoguin sprites: Zanmyo (Pesoguin creator)

* Sound/Effects:      Capcom,SNK and others

* Random sprites...

* POTS style effects:      Varo_Hades
* POTS style level 3 filters:   Shin_Maker
* Shocked/Burned/Iced:      AnarquiaB
* Fatality codes:      Equinócio
* Super jump:         Sam
* Counter:         Ixnaydk
* Parry (Kido):         Kurai Naito, Naruto-MD, Zzy and Fervicante ???

* Fighter_Factory

* Edited Dan voices:      Audacity

* Special thanks to P.O.T.S. and Nunor

Next update?
* Fixing bugs is a good reason for a new release
* "Counter Counter" system is in mind
   Amount of counter attacks give Pesoguin special moves
* Climate system... maybe i don't skip it again

Re: Pesoguin POTS style
#2  May 13, 2024, 03:46:06 am
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Fixed some errors related to stages with zoom...
I really need to use more FrontEdgedist.

Re: Pesoguin POTS style
#3  May 18, 2024, 02:12:54 am
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Re: Pesoguin POTS style
#4  May 18, 2024, 04:47:32 am
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