Translation progress/ Posting format? (Read 13860 times)

Started by Zerothe10th, July 19, 2018, 09:40:42 PM
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Translation progress/ Posting format?
#1  July 19, 2018, 09:40:42 PM
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Hello fellow ef-12 ers

Okay so I'm translating these manuals as fast as I can, would possibly be faster if my friend who is a pro at this wasnt at con, but whaatever, we got this!
Anywho nothing fancy just running them through google translate and correcting what I think needs to be fixed, based on my knowledge of 3d junk.

Problem is I'm really a blender machine so I know nothing about softimage and it's terms so somethings (at the moment) maybe mistranslated.
But it's all within reason!
I;ll do a video tutorial on them as soon as I get the manuals translated.

Progress so far 7-19-18:
Currently translated
関連ページ・・・setup tools

■ 001_Char_Basic_manual
関連ページ・・・Create character model(Basic)

■ 002_Char_DirectMat_manual
関連ページ・・・■ Setting material (direct)

■ 003_Char_StandardMat_manual
■ EF12_SkyBOX スカイボックスサンプル
関連ページ・・・■ Setting material (standard)

Okay so that brings me to the next item. Posting format
Would it be better to post all the items in one topic, like all the manual parts and you just download them all down the line
or should I make it all a folder and you can just download which ones you want from the folder?
or should it be like one topic per manual.

I kinda like one topic per manual that way if someone has a question about a part, it can be asked within the contents of that manual, lIke going to manual 3 on modeling you can ask questions there on that topic, instead of going her on chapter 3 modeling section 2 does anyone know how to do blah blah blah?

But I don't know if that is okay.
Input is deeply welcome so please dont hesitate to reply. ^_^