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 ;How to add characters
 ;Use the format:
 ;    charname, stagefilename
 ;eg. For a player with filename "kfm",
 ;    and stage filename "stages/mybg.def"
 ;type (without the semicolon):
 ;    kfm, stages/mybg.def
 ;If you want to load a different def file, you can enter it
 ;as a directory plus the def file. This example loads up
 ;    kfm/alt-kfm.def, stages/mybg.def
 ;If you put "random" as the stagefilename, then a random stage will
 ;be selected for that player. eg.
 ;    kfm, random
 ;Zipped characters are also supported.
 ;Place the ZIP file in the chars/ directory. The syntax is as
 ;, stages/mybg.def
 ;For example, if you have newsuave.def in, the syntax is:
 ;, stages/mybg.def
 ;If your def file has the same name as the zip file (eg. suave.def
 ;in, you can just put the name of the zip file alone:
 ;, stages/mybg.def
 ;Optional parameters may follow on the same line, separated
 ;by commas. Each parameter has the form:
 ;    paramname = paramvalue
 ;where paramname is the name of the parameter type, and
 ;paramvalue is the value to assign that parameter.
 ;The optional parameters are:
 ; - music
 ;   Set the paramvalue to the name of the music file to use
 ;   as the BGM for that character. This overrides the bgmusic
 ;   parameter in the stage's .def file, so you can re-use the
 ;   same stage for multiple characters, but have a different
 ;   BGM playing for each person.
 ; - includestage
 ;   Set the paramvalue to 0 to avoid including this stage
 ;   in the stage select list (in VS, training modes, etc)
 ; - order
 ;   Set the paramvalue to the ordering priority to give the
 ;   character. Valid values are from 1 to 10. A smaller value
 ;   means you will fight the character sooner. You will never
 ;   fight an order 2 character before an order 1 character,
 ;   and never an order 3 character before an order 2 one.
 ;   For example, you might want to set your boss character
 ;   to have order=3. The default order value is 1 if you omit
 ;   this param. See *.maxmatches under [Options] for how to
 ;   limit the number of matches per order priority.
 ;   Some examples:
 ;        kfm, stages/mybg.def, includestage=0
 ;        kfm, stages/mybg.def, music=sound/song.mp3
 ;        kfm, stages/mybg.def, music=sound/song.mp3, includestage=0
 ;        kfm, stages/mybg.def, order=3
 ;You can also add a randomize icon to the select screen. To do
 ;this, put the word "randomselect" on a line of its own, with no
 ;extra parameters.
 ;Insert your characters below.

kfm, stages/kfm.def
kfm720, stages/kfm.def

 ;Put extra stages here. They will be available in VS and Watch modes.
 ;For example, you can insert "stages/mybg.def".

 ;Here you set the maximum number of matches to fight before game ends
 ;in Arcade Mode. The first number is the number of matches against
 ;characters with order=1, followed by order=2 and order=3 respectively.
 ;For example, for 4,3,1 you will fight up to 4 randomly-picked
 ;characters who have order=1, followed by 3 with order=2 and 1 with
arcade.maxmatches = 6,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0

 ;Maximum number of matches to fight before game ends in Team Mode.
 ;Like arcade.maxmatches, but applies to Team Battle.
team.maxmatches = 4,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0