Does anyone have a tournament expansion for mugen? (Read 6736 times)

Started by blksmiith, November 18, 2023, 05:55:12 am
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Does anyone have a tournament expansion for mugen?
#1  November 18, 2023, 05:55:12 am
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Like the title says Does anyone have a tournament expansion for mugen? Meaning, a mode where I can input all the characters before hand and set them up as AI. Iss there a script I can run outside of mugen or a build that has it in it already? I just wanna throw some random tournaments on with my friends when we hang out irl. I've been running a 1.0 build on my steam deck and its fun to travel with and hook up to a tv or monitor.
Re: Does anyone have a tournament expansion for mugen?
#2  November 22, 2023, 04:53:17 am
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There was one in the past, but that doesn't exist anymore...

There was a configuration program for MUGEN called as Mugen Windows Configuration (aka MWC) made by ByteZero, an useful program to configurate easily your MUGEN, to put the characters, stages and even screenpacks you want and also had other interesting options like Quick Versus and Tournaments, in the latter you can fight until 8 characters and you can decide if they can be controlled or by CPU.

It was made originally for DOSM but in the last updates became also compatible with WinM. Sadly, his author dissapeared and never updated the program so there's no compatibility with 1.0 (and of course, no for 1.1)... even the program itself is outdated since doesn't work anymore with Win8 or Win10 ... and there's no one who make a program like that, so there's no posibility to make a Tournament mode again

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