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Re: Stage Portrait Thread

 December 09, 2023, 09:44:37 pm View in topic context
 Posted by DaveSP194  in Stage Portrait Thread (Started by RagingRowen November 22, 2023, 01:44:57 am
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Re: ikemen go options screen

 June 27, 2023, 04:31:06 pm View in topic context
 Posted by DaveSP194  in ikemen go options screen (Started by johnson999 May 16, 2023, 07:27:51 am
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Sorry if this is considered necroposting but I just came across this thread and had a similar question, I'm personally using IkemenGO 0.99 so I;m not sure if this works the exact same way for other versions, but yes you can disable certain options but it's a little complicated:

As far as I can tell you can't just remove specific options, you have to set up your own menu with only the options you want players to change. I consulted the Ikemen GO wiki on github and got to this section: You can set up your own custom submenus in the options menu and fill them in with whats listed on that page, it works just like the main menu system.
I created an example of a custom options menu which excludes a lot of gameplay systems here:

menu.itemname.gamesettings  = "Game Settings"
menu.itemname.gamesettings.difficulty  = "Difficulty"
menu.itemname.gamesettings.roundtime  = "Round Time"
menu.itemname.gamesettings.roundsnumsingle  = "Rounds to Win (Single Match)"
menu.itemname.gamesettings.maxdrawgames  = "Max Draw Games"
menu.itemname.gamesettings.aipalette  = "CPU Color Palette"
menu.itemname.gamesettings.quickcontinue  = "Quick Continue"
menu.itemname.gamesettings.empty  = ""
menu.itemname.gamesettings.back  = "Back"

menu.itemname.audiosettings  = "Audio Settings"
menu.itemname.audiosettings.mastervolume  = "Master Volume"
menu.itemname.audiosettings.bgmvolume  = "Music Volume"
menu.itemname.audiosettings.sfxvolume  = "SFX Volume"
menu.itemname.audiosettings.stereoeffects  = "Stero Effect"
menu.itemname.audiosettings.panningrange  = "Panning Range"
menu.itemname.audiosettings.empty  = ""
menu.itemname.audiosettings.empty  = ""
menu.itemname.audiosettings.back  = "Back"

menu.itemname.videosettings  = "Video Settings"
menu.itemname.videosettings.fullscreen  = "Fullscreen"
menu.itemname.videosettings.resolution  = "Resolution"
menu.itemname.videosettings.vretrace  = "VSync"
menu.itemname.videosettings.msaa  = "MSAA"
menu.itemname.videosettings.shaders  = "Shaders"
menu.itemname.videosettings.noshader  = "Reset Shader"
menu.itemname.videosettings.empty  = ""
menu.itemname.videosettings.back  = "Back"

menu.itemname.inputsettings  = "Input Settings"
menu.itemname.inputsettings.keyboard  = "Keyboard"
menu.itemname.inputsettings.gamepad  = "Gamepad"
menu.itemname.inputsettings.inputdefault  = "Reset to Default"
menu.itemname.inputsettings.empty  = ""
menu.itemname.inputsettings.empty  = ""
menu.itemname.inputsettings.empty  = ""
menu.itemname.inputsettings.empty  = ""
menu.itemname.inputsettings.back  = "Back"

menu.itemname.empty  = ""
menu.itemname.default  = "Reset to Default"
menu.itemname.savereturn  = "Save & Return"
menu.itemname.return  = "Return without Saving"

You can paste that into your system.def file at the end of the [Option Info] section to see how it looks in-game, and use it as reference along with the Wiki page to make your own setup. Hope this helps!