Mystic Gohan And Rocks Kai (stage) by Tapion (Read 6269 times)

Started by Tapion90, June 20, 2012, 05:38:45 am
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Mystic Gohan And Rocks Kai (stage) by Tapion
#1  June 20, 2012, 05:38:45 am
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well this is a other of my creationes. i presents them to Mystic Gohan

_Kame-hame Ball
_Chou- Kame Hame Ha
_Masenko (Direccionable)
_Chou Masenko
_Enrgy Shield Anti-Fireballs
_Ki Explsion
_Raging Atack
_SuperJump y Teleport


Rocks  Kai stage


Special Thanks!!

1)A Wenchu, agradecerle y felicitarlo por su primer char, el cual sirvio para la total inspiracion de este mismo char.
2)A Nahue77 por empezar a darle forma al proyecto para que yo luego lo terminara.
3)A Emiliano_01 por tener tan buenas y ideas y ser tan grozo programando DBZ
4)A Todos los chicos que participaron en la ayuda para terminar el sheet Luzbelito, Nahue, Fran y wenchu totalmente agradecido.
5)A todos aquellos creadores de que lanzaron grandes Efectos de alta calidad como sawady, Zerberusdante, POTS, mgmnzx y jaluis
6)A Akira.
7) A ti por descargar el char, espero que lo disfrutes mucho.

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Re: Mystic Gohan And Rocks Kai (stage) by Tapion
#2  June 20, 2012, 07:15:20 am
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Dear Lord! This is awesome! :o

Do your best to become stronger. Become stronger, so you can do your best.

Mugen is a way for me to remain nostalgic with all of the dream matches I cooked up as a kid. It's also what I call a "Digital Action Figure Collection."
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Re: Mystic Gohan And Rocks Kai (stage) by Tapion
#3  June 20, 2012, 09:11:52 am
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LOVING the system where you have to smash buttons when both chars hit at the same time !!! :2thumbsup:

- Small portrait looks wrong in game.
- Japanese (or at least English) voices please. :(
- During fly mode, he could have a sinusoidal motion up and down. Looks too static as is.
- Debug flood : in state 109, changed to invalid action 102.
- Aerial C looks completely misaligned. You should aligned on the belt, not on the feet.
- Overcomplicated CLSNs that move too much (stance being the worst).
- Rushing Fury shouldn't have the last Ki Ball if the first hits didn't connect IMO.
- Why isn't Rushing Fury Orochi placed on F,F,DF+y (instead of z) ?
- Sonic Kick causes debug flood : in state 43: changed to invalid state 43 (from state 1452).
- Effect during Sonic Kick 2 kinda feels misaligned to me.
- Mystic Earthquake could get an FX in the ground to show it destroyed it.
- Mystic Earthquake Strong doesn't have smooth vels. Try to take those from Terry's power dunk from another character.
- Giga-Explosion Mystica causes debug flood: projectile 1 in state 3920: specified negative recovertime.
- Opponent can attack Gohan at the end of Giga-Explosion Mystica, even before the Earth animation finishes.
- Giga-Explosion Mystica deals as much damage whether you block it or not! o_O
- Anti-Fireball can stop even super projectiles. Shouldn't it stop only specials, not supers ?
- Debug FLood : player chou kame in state 3802 : illegal playsnd channel
- Why not use QCB,F+x+y for chou kame-Hame-Ha's command. Would make more sense than inverting it as you did.
- Opponent gets up too fast at the end of chou kame-Hame-Ha.
- Launch/throw beam sound plays a little too early during chou kame-Hame-Ha.
- Review the damage of supers. Masenko deals over 600 damage and isn't even a Lv3 ... He's really unbalanced at this point.
- Supers give back power to Gohan, while thye shouldn't.

He looks nice, has very good ideas, plays ok, but he's really unbalanced at the moment due to massive damage.
Re: Mystic Gohan And Rocks Kai (stage) by Tapion
#4  June 20, 2012, 09:46:03 am
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Ugh, I have to sign up to download this? :(
These palettes better make me cum rainbows when I see them.