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Started by Ricepigeon, October 19, 2015, 05:30:04 PM
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PowerAdd (SCTRL)
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Adds the specified amount to the player's power.

Required parameters:

    value = add_amt (int)
        add_amt is the number to add to the player's power.

Optional parameters:
[State 900, ChargeUp!!]
type = PowerAdd
trigger1 = (command = "b" && command = "y") ;hold both medium buttons
value = 7 

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Additional Notes:
Commonly used in power charging type moves (i.e.: King of Fighters, most Dragonball Z games, Capcom Vs SNK 2's S-groove, etc), this controller is also used during Throw and Grab states to replicate the effects of adding meter on hit when you have Player2 in a custom state. Is also used in attacks that drain meter, such as EX specials, in order to deplete meter from the player, though this can also be defined in the poweradd parameter of the Statedef instead of using this controller.
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