Character of the Month: June 2016 Nominations (Read 31307 times)

Started by 【MFG】gui0007, July 02, 2016, 01:26:05 AM
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Re: Character of the Month: June 2016 Nominations
#41  July 12, 2016, 04:32:00 AM
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Hey, thanks again JDM! :)

Shana by Kohaku
Zero by RamzaNeko & Mr.Karate JKA
Saki by Gladiacloud & Beximus
Mech Hisui 404 by Sennou-Room
Jin Saotome by Ahuron
Ryuji Yamazaki by Ikaruga
Balrog by Trololo
Kirito by Sennou-Room
Donald by Sennou-Room
Nappa by TheAnswer
Another Athena by xxxXx
Sans...? by FourthRhyme
PIL Reiji Oyama by 119way
Abel by Chuchoryu
Bonker by LordShade67
SonSon by NDSilva
Mature by DaNaru250
MSHvSF Ryu by MvC Champ
Whip by LunaTuna
Sailor Mercury Crystal by Way-Oh

Let's start!