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Started by OHMSBY, May 12, 2019, 05:45:25 PM
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Re: Kirby v1.03
#41  July 15, 2019, 03:52:59 AM
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I found a bug in your Kirby. This bug occurs when there are two or more enemies, such as simul mode.

・If the hitdef of the throwing (statedef 810 & statedef 815 & statedef 830 & statedef 850) hits the enemy who is not throwing, the enemy who is throwing is still stuck and can not move at all until it receives some attack, or in the worst case it goes out of the screen It will be out and the game will not be able to continue.

Please fix this bug if you can.
And your Kirby is great.
Re: Kirby v1.035
#42  July 18, 2019, 02:04:10 AM
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Kirby has gotten another update. Its a pretty important one since it allows him to bypass fall.defence_up. Go ahead and download him again.

- Revised Burst System
- Helper Based Supers can now make Kirby lose his Copy Ability, regardless of damage
- Kirby now makes use of custom fall states, bypassing fall.defence_up

I found a bug in your Kirby. This bug occurs when there are two or more enemies, such as simul mode.

I have made Kirby and the rest of my characters with only Single and Turns mode in mind. If I try to optimize him for Simul mode, it would conflict with his current coding. Sorry.

Re: Kirby v1.04
#43  September 01, 2019, 05:16:10 AM
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Big update time. Go ahead and redownload Kirby.

- New system mechanic: Ultra Burst. Burst can now be used in a neutral state, and doing so will put Kirby in a powered up state that gives the following benefits:
  +Health and Meter will gradually recover overtime (Unless you're taking damage)
 +Damage output will be increased by 20%
 +Timer will be frozen
 +Hitting the opponent with the Ultra Burst will launch them upward and will be unable to recover from it
 +Hitting the opponent with the ultra burst will also grant 500 meter instantly
The time that the Ultra Burst state will last is proportionate to the amount of health lost prior to activating, Attempting an astral heat will immediately end the Ultra Burst state
- Implemented throw escape system, the opponent can now escape Kirby's normal throws by inputting A+B, B+C, X+Y, or Z within 14 frames after being grabbed. However, throws are inescapable on counterhit
- Fixed an error where the counter message doesn't show up when countering with helper based attacks
- New Burst icon
- New cut in portrait for astral heat
- New astral heat BG
- Using Megaphone, Microphone, and Fatal Chorus while Ultra Burst is active will play his voice clips from Kirby Super Star.
- Made more characters compatible with Kirby's Copy Abilities