DeeEmCEE2 Donte (Joke Edit - Released 01/06/2020) (Read 1132 times)

Started by MoloMowChow, January 07, 2020, 04:00:52 AM
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DeeEmCEE2 Donte (Joke Edit - Released 01/06/2020)
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"Don't Worry"

For M.U.G.E.N v1.1

This is a joke edit of YAMATO's original Dante, based on Devil May Cry 2 being a notoriously underwhelming entry in the series with broken combat and boring content, as well as a streamer's play through of that game in which his recorded voice assets are used to create this joke edit.
Likely won't make much sense without context (i.e, you're a DMC fan who's played 2, and/or a Vinny fan) so the spoilers below has more details for those who care.
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

This joke edit is definitely unbalanced considering how it emulates the source game, allowing you to stun-lock and juggle most enemies with Dante's pistols alone, that can shoot indefinitely so long as you hold the button down. It's "better suited" for AI vs AI matches. But you can still play as or against him.
I made Donte's gun on his default palettes drop the enemy after a certain height and abide by certain restrictions, just to give AI enemies a small window of escape. If you want a truly authentic DMC2 experience, select a palette higher than 4 but less than 11 and juggle enemies with impunity.

For his standing neutral, Dante wields a gun.
For his air neutral, Dante wields a gun.
For his crouching neutral, Dante wields a gun.
For everything else, I guess you can use the (dull) sword a bit, since he technically had one in DMC 2.
He jumps high and is floaty in the air, to emulate his ridiculous DMC 2 jump height and air time.
View the included readme for all the control details.
...and finally, remember these wise words: "Hold the shoot button for win."

Download Link (v1.01):
Mirror Link (mediafire):

This is my first time editing an existing character, so if any issues occur I'd appreciate any bug reports.
Thanks for reading!
A website I use for keeping track of Mugen Content I uploaded:
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