[ Spriting ] 3D->2D conversion in 12 steps (Read 3794 times)

Started by FeLo_Llop, July 22, 2007, 04:01:15 PM
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[ Spriting ] 3D->2D conversion in 12 steps
#1  July 22, 2007, 04:01:15 PM
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Here's a small tutorial I'm working in. In first place, excuse my poor English level, I'll try to explain the best I can. And yes, I'm trying to improve, so if you don't understand something due to my gramar mistakes, let me know.

For starting, you have to have very clear what kind of outfit you wants to put in the character. Sketching, Drawing in paper can helps you. Our choice will be Anna Williams, and the outfit would be this one:

Imagine for a moment that you wants to work with Anna Williams, the "Domina" from tekken. At first, you look for some sprite baes that can help you, looking for in CvS/KoF/SF/GG spritesheets, but no one from there have the "feeling" of the character.
These last days, you were watching some  videos and then you feel discouraged 'cause you can't do that awesomeness she has due to the spritesheets ain't enough. But then, one friend tells you 'bout a screencapturer which works in videos. "Whattt??!!!"-you said-"Perhaps this could works well!!". Then you go to the screencapturer page, download from there(DON'T GO TO WAREHOUSES. WAREHOUSES ARE FOR LOSERS!). Then, you open the video with the screencapturer and starts hunting whatever you like...

This picture will be the base of the tutorial. Every sprite are numbered as in the written part, so...follow the steps.

Then here's the place where all starts. When you capture the screen, you capture ALL: the program box, the entire stage, the character you wants to convert, his/her then, you have to CLEAN what you want, and if needed, resize it(step 1: clean and resize).

When you have this, you can start cleaning some parts in the sprite: as you can see, her legs are a bit jaggy and fat, her hands are like racquets, and have some point which needs to be cleaned. You find, you clean. You start having a reference. If you'r a drawer too, perhaps you'll use the head for taking some proportion references(step 2)

Oh, My...those arms can't let me see where I have to draw!!, What do I have to do? Easy. Delete them. Don't be affraid off, this will be a important part of the sprite. Allows you to imagine the chest area more exactly as if the arms were there, hidding you what you need(step 3). Replacing them, you can make the silouete for the boobs, which in Anna is VERY important, but not as important as in DoA, she has reasonable boobs.

Next step is drawing her boobs(step 4). You have what's the most important in a picture, the chest(in this case, the boobs) and the head. You can think I'm a perverted and you aren't wrong :lol:, but the fact of spriting the "twin sistah" is important. Taking the reference of the boobs, you can profile the place for the ribs, making an easy base for the dress(step 5).

From here, you're seeing it starts having a human form..what's left? oh, yes...color the legs and the boots. Use whatever color you feel OK, and then use. If you can shade now, this will works for you in the future(step 6).

Tsch, tsch...I think that abds are wrong. And that shading..can't works fine!! Then you sketch something in paper, trying to see where can goes every line and how you can hide those muscles. Finally you have something that can works. And you define the outlines for what you need(step 7). Then, next is easy: color her!!(step 8). Make the same for the flesh(step 9). In this case I'm using 6 colors, when the needed in a char as Anna is 4. Why do I use those extra colors? Ask in step 10. But here's a small challenge: the face. One of the most important things in a sprite is the personality of the character and it's very shown in the face. You know how Anna is, so my suggestion is trial&error, 'till you find the best face option for her(as in every sprite you do). When you have the face done, next step is the hair and the panties. Do you remember what was been said 'bout flesh colours? 6 when the neede in anna style are 4? Those 2 extra colors will be for the panties outlines and a big part of her hair(step 10).

Now you have Anna Williams. Better said: Armless Anna  :lol: . Do you still have those arms you replaced? If yes, separe them and make the same as made in the body. In case of NO, you'll have to do for yourself. That's what I chose, 'cause let me the freedom for making as I like to do.
In first place, you'll make her left arm(step 11) for taking place reference for the left. Then, you'll make the left arm and paste in the body(I let the arm in a point of the MSPaint stage, then kept the body till where can fits on her arm).
With this, you have the outfit you imagined for a while. 

As always, C&C are welcome, so feel free to talk about.

-Youtube grabber
-"Anna, The Domina from Tekken" video in youtube. Now I can't remember the name of his author, so credit to him too.
-Total Video Converter
-VideoMach. Screen capturer
-MSPaint. Basic tool that I'm using for years. I think is easier than PSP or Photoshop, and the results are similar.
-Photoshop, for letting me make the transparnce of the sprites.
-You, for reading this boring tutorial :-P
I swear there was something cool here!!
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Re: [ Spriting ] 3D->2D conversion in 12 steps
#2  July 22, 2007, 08:37:13 PM
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I hope I can post here, Nice tutorial Felo, the tutorial is awesome.
Re: [ Spriting ] 3D->2D conversion in 12 steps
#3  July 22, 2007, 11:47:09 PM
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Very useful using with my table toshiba laptop  ;).
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Re: [ Spriting ] 3D->2D conversion in 12 steps
#4  July 23, 2007, 01:38:27 AM
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i am pretty sure there are people more capablethan me to fix the english, but i spotted several errors, though they don't detract form teh tutorial.

what does detract, though, is the format, it would be much better to have it in a paragraph - image format, rather than putting all images in teh start then back referencing the text t it.