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Started by Daimond Fighter, February 29, 2008, 01:37:35 AM
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#101  March 17, 2008, 02:02:53 AM
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  • My surname is not Foster, FYI.
The number one reason that pops up every time I ask why Comp gamers don't play mugen is "The community is garbage".  Netplay isn't even an issue, though mugen not being found in "arcades" is, as rediculous as that sounds.

Who the fuck is "we" anyway?  Speak for yourself only.  If I only wanted a simple answer, then "we don't want" would work just fine.  I want to know WHY you "DO NOT WANT", and hopefully it's a good answer......

I have received none.  Only so far that one admin wants to play Cowboy Jesus, stroking his own ego in the guise of helping everyone get along.  Little does he know that he's displaying classic mugen age hivemindedness, only using a different method of oppression this time.
Good news for all of you.

I'm banned forever.

Please, just let the ban quietly pass and whatever you do, I beg you, DO NOT CHEER. Do not celebrate that you've won about the fact that I'm banned forever. Let it slide, PLEASE DO NOT CHEER. Don't cause me to shitpost again. I didn't even recall making a shitty post before I got perma'd. I hated this forum anyway. It doesn't even feel I'm taking part in a MUGEN forum.

Well, ungoodbye to you all and I hope you all burn in hell.

- Peter
Re: LOL mods
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Aaand I'm now tired of hearing your constant negativity. I am convinced you merely wish to make trouble and not try to find solutions for anything.

See you in 6 months, or until you use another IP.