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Re: Ask POTS

 December 23, 2014, 02:39:48 AM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
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Re: Ask POTS

 December 23, 2014, 02:28:44 AM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
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-With all due respect, do you reckon that one important part of copying your Mugen style is actually studying the games, the characters, not just putting on fake-CFJ hitsparks and Bada Boom counter popups and not just falling back on "custom" as an excuse, but actually making the effort to make them feel like the character and all that?
Of course. Ideally.

What are the new Capcom fighters lacking in comparison with their 2D follies?
Favorite Bender quote that is not "Bite my shiny metal ass!"?
Have you ever given the albums "808s and Heartbreak" by Kanye West, "The Cool" by Lupe Fiasco, and "GIRL" by Pharell a listen? If yes, what do you think of them?
Tips on keeping yourself calm, composed and aware durng any situation?
First person or Third person shooters?
Would you play Halo 3 and any fighting game of your choice online with me if presented the chance?
- Heart. Darkstalkers and CPS-3 games had more detail and easter eggs than the new stuff.
- First one that comes to mind is:
Fry: My God! Four identical castles!
Bender: Each more identical than the last!

Anything said in Joe DiMaggio's voice and timing is funny. Like Dan Castellaneta when the Simpsons were good.

- I guess I've indirectly listened to the last through all the damn singles. Pharrell really got a sense for good music while he was in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
- Stop overthinking.
- First.
- I've been off the grid in terms of gaming.

Re: Ask POTS

 December 23, 2014, 01:20:37 AM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
 Board: All That's Left

- Staying true to the source while trying to make the characters more fun both to use and look at.
- Netplay. I think it'd be the fastest way to give people a sense of balance (as far as it can be accomplished with Mugen).

Re: Ask POTS

 December 23, 2014, 01:13:13 AM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
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What TV shows are ya watching?
Any good books you've read recently?
If someone asks you about what your favorite creation was again, what would happen?
- Everything I'm watching is between seasons now. Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, True Detective, Masters of Sex...
- I haven't be the read recent.
- I think I've given 3 different answers to that so I'd give a 4th.
- Thanks.

Your top 5 MUGEN creators?
What is the most underrated MUGEN character?
What are you thoughts on the characters of CHOUJIN?
Are there any characters you wanted to create but never got around to doing so?
Do you still keep in touch with your MugenBR brethren such as Pizzaman and Maxim?
Define 'P.O.T.S Style'.
I'm afraid I don't know how to answer most of those. Not like my memory's been in a frozen state since I left.
4- About 100 of them.
5- No.
6- Cram a character with system mechanics and give it shiny effects.

Re: Ask POTS

 December 23, 2014, 12:53:38 AM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
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Last question from me.

Do you do your own sprites for your characters?  If so how long it took you to do it?
Most of them, yes. Not sure how long but it certainly took longer than coding.

Hi POTS, nice to see you ! :)

- The porto alcohol they sell in France is very average. Can you recommend one or two Porto which you think are great and are available online ?
- Do you realize Iced summoned you so you could speak to Balthazar, see me again, and become the coder of Piccolo Z2 ?
- I don't really like wine or any sweet beverages. I realize that makes me a disgrace as a Southern European but oh well.
- Always conspiring that guy. It was a worthy effort.

ACTUALLY, my wife can beat NES Super Mario Bros 1 & 3 without losing lives, so YEAH kind of.

Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

And while I have your attention for a brief moment, just have a look at this thread.
- Touché.
- Seen it. You know I'd have been all over it back in the day.


Re: Ask POTS

 December 23, 2014, 12:33:17 AM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
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POTs do you think MFG was better than MI?
Do you think MFG is BAN happy?
Who was the biggest mugen troll?
Do you approve of Jmorphman being your successor?
Doesn't xbox1 suck?
- Yes.
- Not sure what it's like now.
- Sol Badguy... something?
- You mean usurper? >:)
- Totes.

- Have you ever tried/used IKEMEN? It's not exactly mugen online, but a clone that has netplay and is compatible with mugen content.
- What was the last character you downloaded?
- What's the minimum wage where you live?
- If someone finished your full game idea, would you secretly hate them?
- Favorite brand of whiskey? Or just whiskey because whiskey?
- Black Dynamite vs Sho-Nuff: who would win?

Of course, thanks for all of your contributions to the community and for being a great guy in general. I remember when I first got into mugen and closed source was still a big deal. You were one of the pioneers to change the views on that(at least around here). Thanks for letting us steal your content.
- I remember that it was pretty buggy back in the day so I never tried it.
- Does the Hyper DBZ demo count? I don't remember individual characters.
- 505€. Terrible.
- It's not really my idea. It's an obvious crossover that's even happened indirectly in the Marvel series. JNP worked on the same idea years before me. If someone did a good job at it I'd certainly spend a good time playing it.
- I always try to buy something different so I guess whiskey because whiskey. Unlike beer it's hard to find brands that taste terrible.
- Black Dynamite.

Yeah, speaking of whiskey... like what kind? Scotch, bourbon, Irish?

Do you know when to use "whiskey" and when to use "whisky?" (no Googling)
- Both bottles on my shelf are Scoth so I guess that's what I buy the most. But as said above I'm not a snob.
- I know it has to do with the origin but I pay it no mind when I use the word.

Second... This is a what could have been type of question. If you didn't went into making your own style for Mugen, what system would have you made from the current Fighting games?

Third... what Fighting Games do you find difficult to learn and/or play?

Well, those are my questions, good to know you decided to step in one more time here.
- That's like asking what your favourite food would be if you couldn't eat what you like.
- 3D fighters in general. I think my brain's been formatted for 2D (though I played my share of 3D).

Oh Lord of Mugen, why didst thou leave us in your perpetual excellence?
So I didn't stay around long enough to ruin that image.

Whoa POTS!  You're back!
It's been so long man!

- What kind of hobbies to you enjoy nowadays?
- Favourite school subject?
- Games you've been playing recently that you enjoy?
- First video game you've played?
- Hardest fighting game final boss you've fought?
- Do you plan on hanging around MFG after your question session is over?
- Mostly movies and financial charts.
- Physics.
- I've only played ROM's lately. Finally got around to the Zelda series this year and it was a blast.
- Robocop on ZX Spectrum I think.
- Anyone can make a hard boss (can you say KOF bosses have good AI?). What I remember best is Akuma Mode being the most fun I had with a boss fight.
- Not really. But I'm always around the corner if you ring me.

Your favorite one of your own creations?
Any modern creation you really like?
Which one was your first creation? Released or not
Your last creation?
- Well Rare Akuma has given me the most laughs.
- It's like I haven't been away for years. >_<
- Sodom.
- Bishamon. Come to think of it it's funny that I started with a pretend samurai and ended with a legendary one.

TRUCKER BOB?! TempesT is the superior choice for your lineage to be good at Fightan Games
Was that how you picked Mrs. Fast? ;P

Thanks everyone. I nominate someone else now, right?


Re: Ask POTS

 December 22, 2014, 10:08:50 PM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
 Board: All That's Left

The one time I was vague in my questioning, and the one time someone took it for face value.

I will them correct myself, friend:
You can add one game mechanic in any one game. What game would it be, what mechanic would it be, and why?
I'd put hit clashing in SF5 because trades are boring and it'd work well with whay they're doing with the animations.

Of course. I am the perfect cartoon villain, after all.
But you alone do not possess the power to stop me. Who are you partying with so I can move on with their final demise at once?
I guess you could kill Jesuszilla so I get a powerup scene.

How do you feel about Mugen's growing popularity in Japan to the point of original characters receiving fanarts (characters such as Fliz, Dragon Claw, Kung Fu Man, Lord Ravenous, Sachiel, etc)?

Aside from Kung Fu Man and Dragon Claw, what other original Mugen characters you recall spending more time playing for gameplay and/or using for testing purposes?
- That sounds great, actually.
- I always had Borghi's stuff around. My brother from another mother.


pick mugenites for each of those verbs.

What is the saddest thing?

Whats your opinion on the feminist critic Anita sarkseesan ?
- Marry Miss B, fuck and kill Iced for that question.
- I never liked saying goodbye. A shocking revelation to the Mugen community, I'm sure.
- I think someone needs to put modern feminism out of its misery. Always looking for petty conflict.

archer, saber or rider ?

if you were able to put one fighitng game character in  another fighting game who would you put there and why ?
similar question, if you were to insert a fighting game stage in another game , where would you insert it and why ?
- Rider. But I'm a casual who's only seen the Zero anime.
- Akuma with his... SFA3 stage in Vampire Hunter. He's a historic secret character who'd fit right in.

how do you pronounce your abbreviation? is it P.O.T.S or potts?
are you annoyed by all the questions asking you to come back?
Breaking bad. how would you have wanted it to end?
are you interested in real life martial arts? whats your favorite?
aaand im done, thank you for answering my random questions and i wish you the best in your future :)
- Latter I guess.
- I got used to it a long time ago.
- That's actually still on my to watch list.
- Maybe if Kung Fu movies count, hehe.

WOW!!! ....

It's amazing see you around after all this time... Saudades cara!

Really, really happy hear you are good and well.... at same time a bit sad this is not a full return.

But we can dream right? If you still tweaking your stuff, there's this spark inside you just waiting the
right time... at least we all hope so.

No questions... just let me say a sincere Thank you for all the works you did for this community.

And of course Happy Holidays!
Obrigado. Um abraço. :)

Re: Ask POTS

 December 21, 2014, 10:19:01 PM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
 Board: All That's Left

It was kind of weird actually. Like I had an epiphany one day that I'd already squeezed all I could out of this hobby. I still wanted to make a full game but the amount of work needed no longer felt necessary.
I also think making Rare Akuma sped that up because I did like a dozen moves I'd have liked to code in other characters.

Re: Street Fighter V

 December 21, 2014, 10:12:05 PM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in Street Fighter V (Started by O Ilusionista December 05, 2014, 01:44:16 PM
 Board: Fighting Games

16 characters can be more than enough for a start if they really make them as different as they say and don't just import the SF2 cast like vanilla SF4.

Re: Ask POTS

 December 21, 2014, 10:03:43 PM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
 Board: All That's Left

Everyone is calling you God. Who was your son that sacrificed himself for our sins?
I think I'm more like a false idol.

Is it true you can turn wine into coffee?
Yeah. It comes in pretty handy whenever I want to drink overpriced coffee.

Hi PotS, really nice to see you. uhm.. is there any chance you nerf your RareAkuma down to a level where it actually makes sense to keep him in someones roster? (no offense) :sugoi:
I think that'd create a paradox.

Since I'm here, I would like to ask about your statement regarding the mugen community needing more diversity. Could you elaborate more? Do you mean the system styled being used or the type of characters being made?
My opinion nowadays is pretty uninformed and I'm only giving it at gunpoint, so take it as you will.

- Any thoughts about MUGEN 1.1, new screenpackers, HR sprites?
- An opinion about the future of MUGEN?
- Will you just post here?
- If only it happened sooner.
- Would be nice to see netplay one day. That'd be a game changer.
- I guess. Until I disappear into the shadows again.

Fat girls or muscular girls?
Tricky because both are unattractive in excess but attractive in moderation. Can I say toned top and fat bottom? 8)

At what point did you realize that I was going to best you as a coder?

But seriously, What gave you the idea to think it was ok that shin akuma should OTG with various attacks?
- The moment I first saw you. I should've stopped you while I had the chance, but I couldn't harm such a sweet innocent creature so full of dreams.
- Ryu used to be able to do that too I think. OTG was kind of a Mugen standard because KFM could do it. Shin Gouki never lost that because he's just supposed to be ridiculous like that.

How does it feel to still have a more famous, varied and interesting character output than all those people that kept trying to push the meme "CODE > GRAPHICS" to try to claim they were better than you, even after being gone for over 5 years? You created a persistent legacy where those working in your trail cant even keep up with your ghost.

Ahah, I think I even had people asking for the z2 chars to be more pots styled.
Hm... justice prevails?

-Will Vega(Dictator) finally die at the hands of Gouki and NOT Come back to life anytime soon?
-Will Rugal Bernstein shave his moustache one day and how will he do it?
-Will Dan ever man up and just learn not to be vengeful?
-How did Leona get that one toothache that one time?
-What are your plans for the future?
-Did Mai's boob get bigger?
ok Enough with them, and Iced already asked the question I was gonna say XD. Still, It would be nice to know.
- Hope not. Too cool for the after life.
- I think that'd hurt his reputation as a pimp.
- Already happened I think. Or did they go back on that in SF4?
- Poor dental hygiene.
- Changing cities again.
- What? No. That's unpossible.

My final questions:

-Have you tried out the EF-12 3D fighter creator engine? Did you like it? Did you create anything for it out of curiosity yet?
-Are you a Hakutonoken (Fist of the northstar) fan also?
-Have you ever thought of working for Capcom if you had the opportunity?
-What old fighting game would you love to see have a sequel for this generation?

-Big Booty Chicks Or Big Boob chicks?

Well on that note pots I appreciate your talent in the community and i appreciate you always staying humble as a person (and artist) in this kind of community. You have inspired a lot of people. Cheers to you and your family and much success to you in whatever you do in life man
- Haven't tried it.
- I started reading the manga way back but at the time it was incomplete so I never finished it. I'll get to it someday.
- Nah.
- Obviously Darkstalkers
- Booty. But I've met some girls who made me question my philosophy.

Do You watch Dragon ball Z abridged?
Watched some episodes way back. Was cool.

You do realize that I have plans for your final demise, right?
Is this the part where you meticulously expose your evil plan so I can foil it later?

Wanted to get in on this before he disappears for who knows how long.

Just wanted to thank you for what you have done.  Regardless of how much of your stuff has been copied, ridiculed, loved, and hated, it was a pivotal point in the Mugen community.  Your characters helped get me and some friends interested in Mugen, and for that I am grateful.  I hope you do well and that your legacy lives on for many more years.

I do have one question, if I may, where did Nash's level 3 and Karin's level 3 come from?
Capcom's basic idea for Nash's moveset was having him perform Guile's moves with more style and/or less effort (his Sommersault is just insane), so from there I gave him a one handed Sonic Hurricane.
Karin's beam thing is from a manga... Capcom Gals was it? Originally I was going to show a shot of the satellite but got lazy.

Everyone else: Thanks. You guys are the best.

Re: Street Fighter V

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 Posted by PotS  in Street Fighter V (Started by O Ilusionista December 05, 2014, 01:44:16 PM
 Board: Fighting Games

I want to see Akuma having more Oni and less Ryu.

Re: Street Fighter V

 December 21, 2014, 03:37:11 PM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in Street Fighter V (Started by O Ilusionista December 05, 2014, 01:44:16 PM
 Board: Fighting Games

I like how Ryu looks like a heavy hitter more than ever. His hadouken looks really satisying to use too, like the maximum level in Pocket Fighter, and the way Chun-Li can't keep up with it at all is a glimpse into the character diversity they speak of. Having a fireball won't mean as much as it did in SF4 (but not as little as in SF3 either).

Re: Ask POTS

 December 21, 2014, 02:49:24 PM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
 Board: All That's Left

- Favorite 80's track?
- Favorite 90's track?
- Favorite CPS2 track?
- Favorite CPS3 track?
- Would any of your tweaks be significant enough for the copycats to change at least one major thing in their characters?
- Has senpai noticed them?
- Why hasn't senpai noticed me? ;_;
- How awesome is Diepod?
- What's your favorite type of flower, son? Mine's CHOCOLATE!


And I'm drunk as fuck right now. Tonight was a good night.

- How often do you get drunk as fuck? What's the funniest thing you've done? Mine is "dance" like a jackass.
- Beat It and Come As You Are, maybe
- Abaraya and Polnareff's theme
- No.
- Senpai never notices anyone. ::)
- Except you. Senpai notices you.
- I remember his sprites being cool.
- Hehe.
- Not very often lately. Am I old already? I don't know. One time I had to sleep it off in the car and when I woke up I thought I'd lost all my cigarettes because I smoked all of them trying to stay awake.

Hello POTS
My Questions to you are
whats your Inspiration?
whats your secret for having awesome AI for your mugen characters?
whats your best mugen creation?
What yours least favorite:
1. Games
2. Characters
3. Manga/Comics
4. Soundtrack
5. Voice actor
6. Movie
7. Food & Drink
8. Movie
9. Singer
& 10.  Moment of your life?
Thats All !!!
- Liking what I did and researching the characters I worked on
- Probably Geese.
- I hate everything!!

Greetings Him of Whom I Hear the Best of Things!
A couple of questions for you:

-blondes or brunettes (or other)?
-if not for your lost of interest, what could have kept you active in the Mugens back in the day (like if Capcom had made CvS3)?
-fighting game graphics: 2D (pixels) or 3D (polygons)?

Not a question but a proposition:
You mentioned you think my stuff is awesome (thank you) and Piccolo is one of your fav animu chars.
As such, you shall now be our technical advisor on Piccolo Z2 when we start on him. Yes. It's perfect.

Take care , man.
- Brunettes. :pleased:
- Maybe SF4 coming out a year earlier.
- 3D replication of the 2D look, like SF5 and GGXrd. Gotta love progress.
- Can't make any promises but that sounds like fun.

What game mechanics would you add in any game and why?
I think universal mechanics would get boring pretty fast.

Do you have played Super Smash Bros Wii U?

I know I'm late, but I'm surprised you're back.

-I was wondering, what stopped you to make Ken before (indirectly) lending Jmorph to finish him?

-Were you thinking about making other Samurai Showdown chars (or a Last Blade char like Hibiki) in mind before your retirement? Love your Nakoruru, btw.

-CvS2 or Capcom Fighting Jam?

-Your opinions on SFV?
- Best to keep that in the past. But truth is, if I didn't finish it it was because I wasn't very into it.
- Again I never knew what my next character would be. But I'd definitely have made more SamSho if I stuck around longer.
- CvS2 come on.
- Will buy.

I couldn't miss this rare opportunity to ask a question or two to the Deity of Mugen's World :)

You said that you were doing some minor tweaks to your characters - Are you planning to release some updates to the public?

What do you think about mugen community nowadays?
How much has it changed since your retirement?

How is it like to be a living legend?
- No idea. I do them to pass time, like Sudoku or something.
- Needs diversity.
- Not much?
- Overrated. (Thanks)

POTS, it's a real pleasure to see that you came here, and I wanted to thank you for everything you made for Mugen.
Maybe it's too much from your point of view, because you didn't wanted your style to be as huge as it is right now? :)

I hope everything is ok IRL for you, and I wish you a good luck for everything you can deal with IRL, and through the net.
Thanks. I'm okay with it if it's really what people want to do.

Re: Ask POTS

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 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
 Board: All That's Left

Is there anything that isn't money that would lure you back into making more stuff for MUGEN? I'm sure we could set up some kind of sacrificial altar, or something, at the very least.
Were you aware of this weird Rare Akuma fanfic? (caution: I am too terrified to read it so caveat emptor on clicking it!!!)
Best movie you've seen this year?

- That they don't just restrict themselves to my style.
b-but I don't wanna do anything else! D:
- Blackjack and hookers?
- Heh that was interesting.
- Gravity. Or was that last year? Whatever, it's the most recent movie that made an impression on me.
- That's alright but it lacks ambition.

What gave you the idea to make Rare Akuma?
Was feeling stupid.

-Let's say you were still continuing coding characters and you kept changing the system in some way. What would you think your current system would be like today?

I would've come full circle and made a simpler system. Also I grew fond of traditional effects backed up by hi-res hitsparks to make them pop.

I thought I was dreaming but it's real, you'r online again. What do you feel like being a god in Mugen.?? Many people say, you have tutorial about Mugen stuff where can I found them??
If you're asking about a tutorial on how to make characters or stages from the ground up, I never did such a thing. Whatever I did still ought to be in Tips and Tutorials.

Sup pots
Don't have any questions . Hope life has been treating ya nice bro. Dont be a stranger.
Thanks. :)

When will Ken release PoTS?
Who is/are your best/s friend/s around here?
Are you any good in KOF?
Who will win the Balon D'Or?
- Never.
- I am everyone's friend. Vote PotS.
- No.
- Ronaldo's making highscores everywhere so I wouldn't mind if he got another one *cough*

Well, one of the most respected creators/coders has popped up :)

Name five favorite films?
What's your view on the popularity of MLP:FiM?
Name five favorite current gen games? (PS3/PS4, XONE, WiiU)
What was the best book you've read? (Can be indie or commercial)
Have you posted tutorials on your coding? (Not wanting to emulate your style, but I do want to learn coding)
Favorite comic hero and villain? (And I'm not talking about manga/anime)
Favorite breakfast food?

I have so many more questions to ask, but I think I've asked enough.
Seven Samurai
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Ghost in the Shell
Blade Runner

- I think everyone has the liberty to yiff in hell if they want.
- Haven't been gaming beyond ROM's in forever.
- Moby Dick.
- Tips and Tutorials.
- Batman and Doctor Doom.
- Clusters cereals.

Wow you guys bombarded him with questions. It's gonna be quite a series of questions for him to reply back.

Did you ever realize that the system you invented favors more specials and supers rather than normals and poking footsies?
I think Mugen's too broken by nature to take that into much consideration. When you balance a character around SF and such you end up handicapping it against everything else. It's pretty tricky.


Ahem...excuse me, please, but I'm very excited to see you return.
Anyway, now to my questions:
Favorite and least favorite Street Fighter character and why?
Favorite and least favorite KOF/NGBC character and why?
Favorite and least favorite character of the JoJo bloodline and why?
Favorite and least favorite JoJo antagonist and why?
Favorite and least favorite JoJo ally not from the JoJo bloodline and why?
Favorite and least favorite minor villian from JoJo and why?
What do you think of the Angry Video Game Nerd (the original show, not the MUGEN character based on the show)?
Gonna go ahead and skip the why's because that's a lot of questions already.
Guy and Ingrid
Leona and sports team (boring)
Joseph and Johnny
Polnareff and Koichi
Dio and Cars
Hol Horse and there are so many minor villains that the least favourites just get forgotten
I'd forgotten that's a thing.

welcome back im very surprised that you re still into mugen after all those years well times to give some questions.

- how did you made the hitspark that uses the coders to make characters into your style.
- why when I saw your bender avatar it's remind me of you.
- What?
- Because it's working.

Need a rest but keep'em coming.

Re: Ask POTS

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 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
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PRAISE THE PotS he's back!
I have one question and one only.
For a long time I saw your works have been revered as superior and by far legendary to the point where I'm trying to make a private full game including your character system's variations from other creators out there tbut I wanted to ask, and I understand if you are not interested in mugen, If it be possible to give the world one last character, be it from a different game or CVS2, who would it be?
PotS-style Gambozino.

What did you do with Messatsu?
Have you created any other POTS styles outside of mugen? Like maybe a clothing style or something?
Can you tell me a good question to ask you that will leave everyone speechless?
- You mean there are more people being spirited away? And no one gets suspicious?
- I have an album and perfume coming out next year.
- My opinion on people who copy my style.


-How you are treating RL now that you Abandoned Mugen?
-if you had a Small chance to Return(Lets say, Boredom and Inspiration), You would create a new Character(eg P.O.T.S TERRY, Leona or Delta Red Cammy) or Update your old ones including the Now Jmorphman's Ken?

-Space Marines or Terran Marines?
- Not sure how to interpret that question. Not like Mugen and real life are two different states of existence. But I guess I've grown up a lot these last few years.
- Best not create false expectations by answering that.
- Stormtroopers.

-How did you get into mugen?
-How long did it take for you to learn how to code chars?
- A friend showed it to me.
- As in getting something to work right? A few months I guess.

What do you do for a living?
Do you have a significant other and/or child yet?
- I'm taking a short course on medical electronics right now.
- Not since September. No kids.

Holy shit he's alive

What do you think of the current fad of emulating your chars' play style?
(Curse phone keyboards)
What do you think of all the questions about what you think of everyone emulating you???


You ever thought about releasing your unfinished work files? That Bishamon you were making looking good.
I'm not comfortable releasing unfinished stuff.

But I have barely been posting about it. There is what... maybe 5 posts about Conan on my feed today. :P
Also, poison of choice?

Re: Ask POTS

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 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
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-Who's dick do I have to suck for you to finish your cancelled SF vs DS project?
-What is your general view on the Mugen scene since you left?  A bunch of great spriters and coders have cropped up since your departure, just curious if you've checked out anything that's piqued your interest.
-Top 5 bands?
-Not really a question, but I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done.  Not only are your characters and stages are the shit, but I'd also like to thank you for your color separation tutorial which helped me out immensely.
- Unfortunately no amount of dick sucking would get it done.
- I checked Balthazar's stuff on Iced's suggestion and it's pretty kickass.
- No favorite bands in particular. My musical experience is a constant state of shuffle.
- You're welcome.

Holy sheesh, he's back.

-How was your day?
-Three games that hold nostalgic value?
-Tell me a funny irl story pretty please. It can be about anything, feel free to make it brief or wordy.
-Beef, chicken, or veggies?
-Have you ever been outside of your country? If so how was it.
-Stay here forever plz. Pretend that's a question.
-Favorite artist your bumping currently?
-How did you act as a child? Charming chap or terrible toddler?
-I've been considering asking JZ to touch tips. How do I do that without him getting his gang of misfits to beat me up?
- To tell you the truth I haven't been this sick in at least a year. But I'm feeling better now.
- Super Mario Bros 3, Shining Force 2 and Final Fantasy 7. I guess that covers 3 generations well.
- I could but this is a PG-13 board.
- Beef.
- Again, Spain. I mostly remember there being alcohol.
- Make me!
- Lorde.
- I was the kid who got straight A's but still kept getting into trouble.
- Maybe you should touch tips with his gang first.

do you still play mugen?
what do you think about SF V?
a popular song that they play everywhere that you grew tired of hearing and don't understand why its even popular?
coffee or tea?if none then whats your fav hot drink?
if you have to choose to eat one thing for the rest of your life what would you choose?
- No.
- The jump from 4 to 5 reminds me of the first time I saw SF3. It looks amazing.
- That "Ai se eu te pego" thing. I guess women made it popular.
- Coffee oh god yes
- Chocolate croissants.

wow...Pots just popped up haha that's cool. Good seeing you taking a bit of time here for old times sake

-First off, how has the holidays been treating you these days? I hope all is well.

-If you were to come back to the scene here creating (which I doubt) would you consider doing your version of a JoJo B.A. Character since you are a fan of the series?

-For newbies at creation that want to mirror your style what advice would you give them?

-Out of all the characters you've created which one is your favorite?

-Is Jmorphman your alter mugen ego? lol
- Thanks.
- Certainly. I did start a Mariah at one point.
- That they don't just restrict themselves to my style.
- Since I already said Geese is technically my best, I'll now say Shin Gouki is the most fun to play (not counting Rare Akuma).
- You know too much.

Oh my...Dude's back....But I have never talked with him.....So here's the couple of questions:

-What took you so long to be offline?
-What do you think about the people who are using your style and that stuff?

Well I don't have any other idea to ask you....
- Life and lack of interest in Mugen.
- Already answered.

Re: Ask POTS

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-What do you think of Street Fighter V's system so far?  Does it look like a fun/rewarding game IYO?
-What's the most frustrating matchup you've ever played?
-If you watched Evolution 2014 which game IYO was the most exciting to watch?
-Have you done any non-Mugen programming since your departure?
-What was the fighting game you played that made you realize you were big into this genre?
-Have you touched Mugen at all since your time away?
- I'm liking it a lot so far. But it's so early that what we'll see on the release date will probably be very different.
- Maybe no Stand vs Stand in JoJo. But the guys I used to play were top notch.
- I only watch SF4.
- Don't think so.
- SFA2
- Yeah I sometimes tweak my characters during down times.

Have you ever traveled outside your home country and which location interest you for a visit

Preferred clothing attires?
- Have only been to Spain, which is right next door. I've been in the mood of knowing my own country better lately.
- Jeans and polo.

Was there ever anything else you wanted to make?
Favorite film?
Who were some creators you respected?
- Just a full game I guess.
- Seven Samurai
- Reu was my idol and Warusaki3 was the guy who made me work harder haha.

What is your opinion concerning the fact that you're the most copied mugen creator
Mixed feelings. It's flattering but it stifles the individuality of everyone involved.

How does it feel to have your name be synonomous with one of the most popular styles of gameplay in creations being made right now?
Any plans to do anything with your unfinished WIPs?
Which creation of yours is the one you like the most?
Salty Bet has attracted a lot of people to MUGEN, what do you think of the big explosion in popularity of MUGEN?
Was it weird to see the big explosion in popularity of Rare Akuma because of Salty Bet?
- Same as above.
- Not really.
- I consider Geese to be my best character.
- Haven't followed Salty Bet, but Mugen always needed a bigger influx of new blood.

r u the real elecbyte?
Yes. Now send donations.

Been years and you keep inspiring people bro.

Are there any specific wips you wished you could have finished ( not counting with the fullgame)
The ful-... Nah I'm happy with what I did.

Ok before someone is nominated

Do you have any time off to think about who are you going to make next.
Who is your favorite anime character or characters
why did you quit?
- I think I need a few years longer to decide.
- Guts, Oscar, Yang Wen-li, Kaiji, Piccolo...
- Got bored.

What would you say is the giant flame breathing metal statue you left behind for people to remember you... remember you... remember you?
I think I'm lucky enough to be remembered for all my work and friendships rather than being a one hit wonder.

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Oh my...

-How's life been treating you?
-Are you still interested in mugen projects and stuff. You own or others?
-What manner of black magic summoned you to our realm!?
- Been having my ups and downs but can't say I have any regrets so it's all good.
- Not really I'm afraid. I do minor tweaks to my characters once in a while just to scratch that itch but that's about it.
- The powers of Walt, Jesuszilla and Iced combined.

1-Why you piicked "PHantomOfTheServer"  as nick? or was just random?
2-Is that robotic homer simpson or the robot from futurama?
3-Whats the meaning of life?
4-why cant we have almost perfect wrestling videogames (wwe) anymore?
5-Swag or class?
1- I kind of liked the Phantom of the Opera at the time.
2- The latter. There's a joke in there for those who know the series.
3- Inspirational: To give life meaning. Realistic: It's just a bunch of stuff that happens.
4- Because wrestling is all fake nowadays.
5- Class. But there's a time and place for both.

This is good, but what is best in life?
Dost thou even lift?
I've actually been feeling like rewatching that lately. Must be your Facebook posts. And calisthenics... when I'm in a good mood.

Opinions on styles inspired by yours?
Top 5 fave vgm?
Favorite kind of sandwich?
Whats your cvs2 team?
If you could do one last character who would it be?
Top five manga?
- Haven't followed. But the idea that someone's inspired by my work is flattering of course.
- Too hard, sorry.
- Nutella.
- Maybe Haohmaru, Ryu and Rugal.
- Even back when I was making characters I never knew what my next one would be until I actually got started on it, heh.

Blade of the Immortal
Strongest Man Kurosawa

Going off of some stuff I rated 10 on BakaUpdates. It's always hard to pick top lists for me. But Berserk is definitely my favourite.

Your Dan's EX Dankukyaku: do you regret making such an awful-looking move?
- I've barely listened to full albums ever since things went digital.
- There are many things in my older characters that I'm not proud of.
...Can I even say "older" anymore? They're all pretty old now.

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Bring it.

Re: random topic piece ( moving it )

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What are you up to these days?
Nothing much.  I haven't done anything similar to Mugen since then and went and changed courses for the last time.

Begone old PotS, we have a new PotS who does everything you did but is also a hipster and a power hungry GMod who will permaban anyone who makes light of him.
I wish I had that kind of ambition.