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Re: 2022 Character Updates (Shin Gouki and Lei-Lei added)

 January 24, 2022, 11:54:45 AM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in 2022 Character Updates (Shin Gouki and Lei-Lei added) (Started by PotS January 15, 2022, 10:28:50 AM
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

ZolidSone didn't try to be rude
Divinewolf also didn't speak ill,
I didn't interpret it that way either. It's very hard to speak openly on the internet without sounding angry.

Re: 2022 Character Updates (Shin Gouki and Lei-Lei added)

 January 24, 2022, 10:42:53 AM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in 2022 Character Updates (Shin Gouki and Lei-Lei added) (Started by PotS January 15, 2022, 10:28:50 AM
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

That's good. I ask that because I was wondering if Dan's sprites will be different by any chance, as in will they still be the upscaled sprites you had or will be at a normal size. I always though it was weird.
It's still the upscaled sprites. They were what was available at the time and changing them now would mean remaking the air file, the sprite edits, etc, and I don't have time for that. Curiously I did rip them later in SFA scale but never did anything with the sprites.

EDIT: Found a Lei-Lei bug where she falls infinitely if she misses her Zampa.
It's a high risk maneuver. Hehe, I'll fix that. Good thing I left a worst case scenario in the code or that alone would break the character.

Ah, alright then. If it's alright for me to ask, in a similar vein to the Gouki thing earlier, do you have any interest/plans for giving Dictator/Bison/Vega or Geese any extra modes or new moves, like with Ryu? Something I've been thinking about since the Ryu and Guy update came out.
On the surface Geese has changed very little since I think he was already my best character. Dictator will gain a couple new toys. No new modes however.

After playing the characters for a few days, I don't think I have any issues with the gameplay aside from a few minor bugs. But the problem I have is that the aesthetics feels rather inconsistent with each other and makes them look like they're missing stuff. It's not just the hitsparks, but the shockwaves and landing effects as well. I also noticed that certain effects and sounds don't play exactly the same as the others. If you want me to point out which sounds are missing on each character, I can. This is how I usually do feedback for others of the same style, not just finding bugs.
Sorry, man. I don't mean to be an asshole to someone coming into my thread trying to help, but the irony here is too damn funny. You want to help me copy myself?

I may change more effects before I'm done but it's not a priority. I changed the ones that I did because I wanted them to have more of what I did myself and less of what was ripped from some game (or just ugly). And I guess you'd have to go through the trouble of creating a hitspark code to be able to appreciate the simplicity of using normal sparks every now and then. It's too bad Mugen 1.1 still has issues because it had the best of both worlds when it comes to sparks (hi-res without coding).

Anyway, I don't think anyone's caught this yet, and I don't know if it's intentional, but her Houten air throw isn't bi-directional. I was also gonna point out the zampa bug but RagingRowen already made note of that
Thanks. I'll look into it.

May I suggest a change for Hsien-Ko? Whenever she uses a super, her sprites get that rainbowy flashing that characters used to do in Darkstalkers. I think that should be removed, because of your more CvS inspired gameplay, not even your Morrigan has that, so it looks out of place with Hsien-Ko.
I tried giving her the afterimages instead, but because all her supers are stationary you couldn't even see them, which was confusing. So I left the nod to Darkstalkers.

Personally, in terms of aesthetics I don't care. Though mechanics I do feel they should share mostly consistence. Like Guy not having a stationary dodge always felt odd, as the rest of your chars did. I suppose Lei-Lei is sort of a special case, though it's just a suggestion. I don't back roll often, if at all, so I agree with you there. The only reason I added it myself was due to consistency with mechanics.
Don't take this personally because it's not, and from what I've seen you're one of the few people to take my style and give it a new fork, but it seems like consistency is the biggest meme in the community now. A few years back I'd have made a Consistent Akuma.

Guy makes more sense in context. I wasn't trying to create a style or anything, and if I wanted to add a dodge I'd have to sprite it myself, so it sometimes made it in and sometimes didn't. Karin also only has a roll, so you can see which was my favourite mechanic in that department. I removed Lei-Lei's dodge this time because I don't care enough about that mechanic and would need to make a new animation for it after making Ankihou chargeable.

Re: 2022 Character Updates (Shin Gouki and Lei-Lei added)

 January 22, 2022, 08:14:08 PM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in 2022 Character Updates (Shin Gouki and Lei-Lei added) (Started by PotS January 15, 2022, 10:28:50 AM
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

Lol! Somehow I got credit for DW's feedback. Coincidently I saw those exact same things but thought it was my lack of skills that where the cause.
Messed up the quotes. I'm out of practice, heh.

Ah, seems pretty cool, I’ll check them out later.
Any plans for a normal/non-Shin Gouki mode down the line?
I don't know. I feel like a normal mode would be just taking things away from him. Plus many people have done that already.

Feedback and Suggestions for Shin Akuma/Gouki:
- I find it kinda odd that he doesn't have the new Hadouken FX from Ryu.
Two reasons I guess. They were made specifically for (another) Ryu, and Shin Gouki already has unique fireball animations.

- I think Hyakki Gou Jin should have faster recovery since it's quite difficult to follow-up afterwards.
You are right. Will change it.

- Might I suggest the Messatsu Gou Hadou Agyo from MvC3 to accompany Tenma Renzoku Zankuu which has the same function (A crap ton of Hadous).
That is 100% something I would have added if MvC3 existed at the time. I'll think about it.

EDIT: I just remembered that the height requirement for air specials is too high, so you can't do any from Low Jumps and such.
It's because special moves are forbidden during low jumps.

I don't have much for Lei-Lei but gaining 1/2 Power EX's and Power Charge is hella funny since the likes of Jmorphman's Demitri and Jesuszilla's Felicia followed the roots of the original version.
I guess they followed the wrong character then because she was kind of bad. Not that doing it one way or the other is better.

I might also suggest adding Back Rolls since it really goes against my muscle memory after playing various later characters in this style.
Back rolls are for turtles. ;P

Can I also ask any questions about characters that haven't been updated/released yet?
I guess that's relevant since they will all be updated in this thread.

* Tenraiha was/is Lei-Lei's best move so it becoming a lv.3 really hurt her, but what hurt the most was the lv.3 super pause. Because of the super pause, Tenraiha lost any use as a mixup tool because you can block after the superpause ends. I'd make it so you can only block before super pause so she gets her mixup back.
On one hand that's a good idea, on the other the move is already very strong. Will think about it.

* Is it intentional for light gong to be +7 on hit/block but for EX Gong to be -4? In source its the other way around.
Nope. That needs to be fixed.

* Any chances of making regular blades super cancelable? :x not even sure if max blades would connect but if they could it would be very nice.
I just thought making a half screen poke cancellable would be odd.

* Any reasons she can't do command grab while dashing?
Must be a change from all those years back because I forgot why I did it. I just checked and it's forbidden in Hunter but allowed in Saviour. Will probably change it.

* I'm not sure if it's the pushback on the normals, the range of the throw or its how var(38) behaves (maybe a bit of the three), but I can't do tick throws at all with her command grab.
Might be a bad trigger for the Hitdef throwing off your timing. Will fix it.

My experience with Lei-Lei doesn't come from playing her, it mostly comes from playing against her (I only play Sasquatch, Viktor and Jedah); but all in all her rushdown feels different, weaker.
Could it be that you play in the community standard of Turbo 3 (I think)? I normally reference Turbo 1 because 3 makes my head spin.

Re: On Helper Projectile Detection

 January 22, 2022, 05:17:27 PM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in On Helper Projectile Detection (Started by Lasombra Demon January 22, 2022, 02:10:43 PM
 Board: M.U.G.E.N Development Help

Not familiar with the code, but I can try.

The first [State 33333333, 0] refers to a trigger1 = (var(0) := id). I cannot understand this one at all. Why is this done?
It sets the starting point from where to check the existence of other helpers. If the detection helper ID is 40, for instance, there's no point in checking ID's 0 to 39.

The second [state 33333333, 1] bloc sweeps through all the possible PlayerIDs, correct? How is this done?
It checks if there are any helpers with higher ID than the detector helper. Since you're trying to detect projectiles, only the most recent helpers matter.
Every time it finds a helper newer than ours, it adds 1 to the variable, until var(0) is higher than the "youngest" helper's ID.

The third one [state 33333333, 2] checks if the Player ID exists and then assigns it to var 3?
Now that you know which are the youngest helpers in the screen, you start to check if any of them are projectiles. If one of them is, it stores their ID in the variable so you can then do whatever you set out to do with the code.

Re: 2022 Character Updates (Shin Gouki and Lei-Lei added)

 January 22, 2022, 04:25:13 PM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in 2022 Character Updates (Shin Gouki and Lei-Lei added) (Started by PotS January 15, 2022, 10:28:50 AM
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

love the dizzy feature you added! but i was wondering if you might consider adding guard crush in the future?
Thanks. No plans for guard crush, however.

Updated Ryu and Guy again because some of the things you mentioned should not have to wait for a fix.

Added Shin Gouki. Nothing too fancy in the update, but the gameplay should feel more proper now.

Added Lei-Lei. Now this one is interesting. She was one of my worst characters, but after these fixes should be a lot better.

All in the first post.

Re: Jiren is here

 January 22, 2022, 11:56:33 AM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in Jiren is here (Started by Iced December 25, 2021, 01:04:39 AM
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

Looks like you have another winner here. He feels very unique.

I may be late to the party, but here's some food for thought:

- For some reason Simul mode completely breaks the character. Players constantly get stuck in custom states and such. At least with 4 Jirens
- Is the forward dash missing because it's a beta, or because he's a grappler? Just asking because I'd vote against the latter
- "BOY!" and Stomping Crush could use a straight to the ground get hit animation, like in KOF or some of my chars
- Standing light punch Clsn1 might be a bit insane
- Destroyer Fist wall bounce is too floaty
- Fire Kick fire effects on the opponent persist even after he's up and running
- Drop Kick has statetype = S for some frames after he leaves the ground. Can make him air walk if he's hit out of it
- Going with Street Fighter here, Infinity Rush could switch between light/medium/strong versions if you extend it with the respective button
- Infinity Rush shouldn't beat crossups
- Tidal Wave shouldn't display a 2 hit combo. EX version on the other hand could indicate more hits
- Same thing with Justice Tornado
- Corner Justice Tornado > Tidal Wave looks like it should be a thing. At the very least with the EX versions
- Justice Tornado wall bounce trajectories are not very combo friendly
- Animation 40 could be one frame longer to help with the 360 commands
- There could be an advantage to charging Defying Glare all the way, like unblockable or guard crush
- Defying Glare would look better staying planted in place while absorbing hits
- Defying Glare should not hit behind Jiren
- I noticed you can't input your own super commands during the opponent's super pauses
- Blazing Storm would have more potential if it did not knock down the opponent
- Colossal Uppercut should not have armor on recovery frames
- Maybe add a PalFX to P2 to blend him with the Lv2 Magnetron Rage dome?
- The punching full screen animation in Jiren the Grey is cut towards the bottom in 4:3 aspect ratio
- Could be able to cancel normal attacks into Justice Flex (I love the Arnold pose)
- Hellfire is another great idea
- He regains a power bar after his finishers. Intentional?

- I only bring this up because it's a full game, but, regarding the movelist, LMS is an odd abbreviation for the buttons. LMH is more common. Also, you shouldn't have pictures where strong buttons (red) are to the left of the weak (blue) ones. It's confusing.

Re: 2022 Character Updates (Guy and Ryu first)

 January 22, 2022, 11:47:34 AM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in 2022 Character Updates (Shin Gouki and Lei-Lei added) (Started by PotS January 15, 2022, 10:28:50 AM
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

Fair enough then. Finally, any chance on the SF4 version of Musou Renge or his other ultras or is that probably a bit much?
The main motivation to add Kaiten Izuna Otoshi was actually so you could do a sequence similar to his Ultra I by chaining his three level 1 supers. As for Ultra II, I currently don't have any plans for it. It certainly looks cool, but it's also too long.

It also seems like the juggle system is different than the one used previously on Geese,and I was wondering what were the changes as I cant tell it apart
Please tell me you only noticed that by looking at the code, because while the implementation is different, it's supposed to work the same (except in Simul).

I was actually referring to the super version, but I haven't been able to reproduce the effect so it may have been related to the other character or something.
Me too. Shinkuu Tatsumaki has different positioning for the A, B, or C buttons.

A few more things of note(still with Ryu):

-It appears you can't do things during his run stop animation. Mainly like power charge is what I'm noticing.
That's a really nice catch. When I changed ctrl behaviour for the run, power charge was left out for some reason. That reason was mass text replacement.

-Your forward inputs are being "stored" for several ticks. This was a problem for me as well when I first installed Vans' Tiny Buffer system. I'm not sure as I haven't looked over your code, but I do see now with debug turned on that you are using some type of inputting system not Mugen default. If I tap forward, release for a few ticks, then try to do Hadou, I'll get DP instead.

I find this effects Evil Ryu the most, as he has Seichuu Nidan Tsuki, though since you changed the command for it, I can't reliably do Seichuu -> Hadouken. I'll get DP 85% of the time.
It's not a buffer but rather a more lenient Shoryuken command. Apparently too lenient indeed.
The helper is not for buffering but just to reverse the commands when P2 is behind you.

-Ryu overall feels slightly stiffer than your older version in terms of Tatsu -> DP. I used to be able to do this fine with all versions. Of course the only way normal Ryu could combo this was with EX DP, but it was a viable option from time to time with him. Now, even with Evil Ryu, this combo isn't very reliable. P2 often falls before I can get my DP out.
Tatsumaki recovery is too long. Will change it.


Re: SFV Seth by Mr. I and Violin Ken

 January 19, 2022, 06:51:30 PM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in SFV Seth by Mr. I and Violin Ken (Started by Violin Ken January 18, 2022, 07:06:07 AM
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

I haven't played SFV, but have watched a lot of it and I really like the way the character feels.

Some things:

- What does the "empty" V-Skill and V-Trigger selection do, if intentional?
- Fatal Rush, Cruel Disaster, Tanden Install have the wrong command in the Readme.
- The way you implemented the Install is a nice compromise. I would just have the move be selected when you do the second input (any punch) instead of holding a direction throughout the animation. I mean MP+MK, B+P gets Sonic Boom, and so on. Or have a different button for each, since you have 5 options and 6 buttons available.
- Crumple custom anim from Crush Counters seems a bit jittery. Especially when the opponent hits the ground.
- Tanden Engine projectile invulnerablility feels just a tad too short. Noticeable against weak (slow) Hadouken and such.
- There are no hitsparks when you trade hits
- Would be nice to have infinite V-Gauge in training mode. I never really did something like that so I don't know if training mode detection is feasible.
- Voice samples volume seems low compared to hitsounds.
- Tanden Maneuver has no hitsparks.

Re: 2022 Character Updates (Guy and Ryu first)

 January 19, 2022, 05:40:20 PM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in 2022 Character Updates (Shin Gouki and Lei-Lei added) (Started by PotS January 15, 2022, 10:28:50 AM
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

Thanks. It's nice to see some old familiar faces.

I've played an arcade run with him(Ryu), a great update indeed. A few things of note:

-Any particular reason why normal Ryu can no longer do Seichuu Nidan Tsuki? Just curious, and I do find myself missing this as I pretty much associated this with your Ryu.
It's just because he had too many command normals. Rather than having two modes with two Z button command normals, I gave one to each. Also it makes the Lv1 Metsu Shoryuken more unique.

-Ryu can cancel into air tatsu from j.lp/lk in CvS2. Yours used to be able to cancel from all his air normals, and I get overall why you changed it. Though it'd be nice to allow him to cancel from j.lp/lk. All the shotos can do it, and I know it isn't as useful with Ryu as opposed to Akuma or Ken, but he(Ryu) can still go into an EX DP from it.
That's something I'm still pondering. I'm inclined to allow it in the name of fun, yes.

-Some of his normals seem to allow empty(kara?)/non-hit confirm cancels. Is this something from like.... SF5 or something?  For example, I can do and immediately do an QCF + P input, Ryu will cancel out of the and do hadou. It's one of several, though there doesn't appear to be any consistency/pattern of which ones allow this. So, it doesn't feel intentional...? Which is why I bring it up.
Not intentional. Thanks for pointing it out.

Ryu/Normal: When he starts his super tatsumaki, he leaps slightly backwards causing him to occasionally miss the first hit.
That, on the other hand, is intentional. Ryu's positioning will depend on the button used to perform the move. A moves a bit backward, B stays in place and C moves forward. The A version is very situational.

Ryu/Evil; He can hit opponents on the ground 3 times( I suspect if they don't tech or get up fast enough) with his Ryusokyaku. That's savage but is it intentional?
I'm usually pretty liberal with letting moves hit OTG because of the way Mugen works. It does two things: allows any OTG combo to be escaped by mashing buttons to wake up faster, and applies additional damage scaling to such combos. So it mostly only happens in training mode.
(On that note, Shin Gouki can no longer OTG from everything)

He also slides a couple pixels forward with each level he charges his Metsu Hadoken.
I think you mean the sprite shaking as he charges the fireball. It's intentional but I may reconsider it.

Also gotta ask, how come you never gave Guy his FF3 fire burst special or his rapid punch super?
The fireball I never liked because it clashes with Guy's design, I think. But the rapid punches he did have way, way back in the DOS version. I should try to find that version just for kicks, but it was pretty bad as it was one of my first attempts at making a character.
Now, why did I never add it back, I don't remember...

It’s amazing to see you back. I still remembered when your Ryu was still a WIP and you wanted to make a Ryu that included everything. Now that you are back and Karma is making a new Ryu that supposedly includes everything, it’s a very wholesome deja-vu. Thank you.
Yeah. That takes me back.

A bug I noticed is that Ryu would do his usual Ken intros even against Jmorphman’s Violent Ken.
My bad.

Why the low res hitsparks though?, its like the one thing people do the most when they edit characters into your aesthetics bro.
It was half laziness to recode the sparks, half trying something different. They only replace the low-res CvS2 sparks the old characters had. The "newer" characters still have the hi-res sparks.

I can't believe it. It doesn't seem they have new moves yet, but these are nice to see anyway with their revamped controls. I do like performing Negative Edge combos with these characters.
That's odd. Negative edge (button release) is something my characters have had since the very beginning. Or did you mean something else?

1. Will you consider an advanced buffering system, similar to JMorphman's characters?
You're the second person to ask., but at the moment I don't feel like they need one.

2. As for new moves, will games like Street Fighter: The Movie and Final Fight Revenge be considered?
I think I'm done adding new moves for the time being. But in the past I borrowed moves from anywhere or even made them up, so that's not something I'd dismiss.

Re: Spritesheet Expansion Thread

 January 16, 2022, 03:43:06 PM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in Spritesheet Expansion Thread (Started by Graphicus September 18, 2011, 07:17:56 AM
 Board: Sprite Projects


Re: 2022 Character Updates (Guy and Ryu first)

 January 16, 2022, 03:30:33 PM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in 2022 Character Updates (Shin Gouki and Lei-Lei added) (Started by PotS January 15, 2022, 10:28:50 AM
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

Thanks again.
By the way, I guess that was ambiguous in the first post, but my only plan right now is to update stuff.

Although I’m personally not really a big fan of the white flashes during the super finish and a successful Kaze No Ken, they kind of hurt my eyes.
I understand, but for the time being I like them like that. I kept switching Kaze no Ken between white and black backgrounds and ended up choosing white. Either way 50% of players will always prefer it the other way around.

Putting the usual loud cheering and praise and actual feedback aside it's nice of you to add author addendums to your def files so we don't override another author's characters we may wanna keep.
I should've done that from the beginning, hehe.

I went and double checked to make sure I wasn't seeing things and...the movelist function does work fine on mugen 1.1, but not on Ikemen Go 0.98.1

Probably an engine issue and not an error on your end, so I'll go bug Khatos and Gacel.
Probably an issue with manipulating explods during a pause. Mugen itself gave me trouble unless I did everything the way it wanted me to. Either way good to know that's one less issue with Ikemen.

Hitsparks are okay but I feel like they could A. Be Higher-Res, B. Use Stronger Colors.
I wanted to use Mugen's default spark system for a change, so with sticking to 1.0 I had to make them lower resolution. They were high resolution when the updates were for 1.1.

- Could Joudan and Ryusokyaku (outside of Master Mode) not be HCF (the real command) instead of QCF?
Neither is strong enough to make the command needlessly complicated. I think Capcom only made them HCF to avoid issues with the classic crouching medium kick xx Hadouken.

- EX Joudan is awkward in the corner since fighters switch sides during the bounce.
Will fix.

- Shinkuu Hadouken can be problematic at times because there's points where only a few of its hitpoints will hit for certain combos.
That's intentional after you hit the juggle limit. I could just as easily make all hits either connect or miss, but I think it'd be less interesting that way.

- P2 freezes when you go from Kaze No Ken into Denjin.
Haha. Obviously not staying like that.

- Might I suggest giving Bushin Izuna Otoshi a separate command? It'll make it easier for when I want to use Izuna no Hiji Otoshi instead.
I guess that's one of those cases where it's just always been like that. It makes it different from Gouki's flip.

- Bushin Hassou Ken should launch air P2 a bit higher since it won't connect fully from, for example, Houzantou.
You're right. I tweaked that and may have made it worse. Will fix.

- Bushin Musou Renge is a bit strange with the Alpha Hitsounds.
I know what you mean, but for some reason it never sounds right to me with other hit sounds. Even when he used the CvS2 hitsounds I opened an exception there.

Other suggestions would be adding a config for A. Stun, in-case you prefer to not have it for consistency purposes, and B. Movelists, so you don't accidentally do it in a match or something.
That would certainly solve it, but I'm not a fan of config files.

I'm also conflicted by Custom Combo becoming 2 Bars. I understand that it got more time, but I feel like it needs something else to be more viable in a real match, like being able to cancel into it.
Custom Combos have dominated every game they were in, so they're hardly not viable, hehe. To me, with one bar they can be overpowered as Custom Combos always find a way to be. With three bars I'd rather just do a Shin Shoryuken or whatever. 2 bars is just right.

I lastly wonder what evilryu_preload.sff is about. Is it an Ikemen leftover by chance?
It's for Ikemen Go but it's not a leftover. It makes the game load faster or, in this case, allows me to give different portraits to a different .def file.

Hey POTS, good to see you back. Hey do you plan on giving Ryu his CvS2 CLSNs? There's tools available for getting actual data from CvS2/CFJ now. Jmorphman and a small handful of others that "carried the POTS torch" while you were gone, continued your legacy but also used those great tools that let them datamine hitboxes and velocities.
I came across Jesuszilla's work in some article about hitboxes or whatever. It made me proud of him and the Mugen scene. Felineki too, if I recall correctly. With that said, my characters are not CvS2 characters, and hitboxes are something that changes every game and sometimes several times for the same game. Unless you're trying to be accurate to a specific game, what matters is that you make them good, and I think the new ones for Ryu are much better than they were.

I feel like it'd be helpful to have the stun be visible somehow, as that's pretty vital information to the player and the opponent.
A case could be made either way, but I'm also not a fan of adding more bars to the screen. In my defense, most games don't have one.

- Found an Intro State Bug during Turns Mode.

EDIT: Ignore all this lol theres nothing wrong with him hes awesome. my mugen was being obnoxious
You still made me curious, so I went and found a stupid mistake in that intro. Easy fix.

I wonder if over the years POTS has checked out edits of his chars ppl have done like from beterhans
I did it recently to find out where I could get Ryusokyaku sprites, haha.

Re: 2022 Character Updates (Guy and Ryu first)

 January 15, 2022, 06:13:50 PM View in topic context
 Posted by PotS  in 2022 Character Updates (Shin Gouki and Lei-Lei added) (Started by PotS January 15, 2022, 10:28:50 AM
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

Thanks for the kind words.



-Has literally no problems with Guy outside of his damage. Compared to his older versions, he feels SERIOUSLY biffed. Literally, comparing his X, X, Y, Z, d,db, b, PP combos, you can tell your new version got ~25% boost. Is it intended?
It's intended, yes. I realized the older characters did puny damage from pokes. It's been a while, but I think they were like that because I originally based their damages around Mugen standards (e.g. 20, 40, 60 for normal attacks) before I started using game data. Compared to a moderately accurate SF character that's very low.

Your particular example of the Bushin chain does seem a bit overpowered because it has a lot more utility than in the source games. I'll look into it.

-Now with Ryu it's more interesting, but I'll start off with a nitpick: are 6th hits of EX Tatsumakis intended?
It was. But now that you mention it, several SF games have come out since I made the character and I think it does 5 hits there. I may change it for consistency.

-Kaze no Ken is a really nice addition to Ryu
Thanks. He needed a better Level 2 and I think Reppu Jinrai Shou works a lot better in its current place.

but why its Red CLSN lasts for his whole stance? Isn't counter moves' deal to be punishable as hell on wrong read? The way this move is RN, with Red CLSN for its almost whole length and being able to catch the hits of all 3 directions (Standing, Crouching and Airborne), this move looks anything BUT pinishable.
You're right. I was afraid it'd be useless like most counter supers and may have made it too strong. Will look into it.

-Evil Ryu's EX Hadoken still puts fire on the opponent.
Messed that up when copy/pasting code. Will fix.

-Evil Ryu's EX Tatsumaki voiceline is noticeably less lous than his other ones. The same goes to Evil Ryu's moan on collapse after Ryukoku Hadoken.
I didn't change that, so you're the first one to point it out. Will look into it.

OMG, It reminds that I have been here for so long, I'm so old
I know. It's weird to think I last released something almost exactly 12 years ago.

The in-built movelist doesn't change if you're playing Evil/Master Ryu either through pals or their own defs, is that a bug or...? because there doesn't seem to be a point to this feature if Ikemen's own movelist function does the same but it would at least let you give the alternate defs their own movelist file.
That's odd. It does change in mine.
I'm still debating on whether the movelists stay or not, but I'm inclined to adding them to every character.
Ikemen's movelist feature may have partially inspired me to add them, but I thought people using Mugen need it too.

Almost the same could be said for the stun system. But more than a cute feature I realized the stun mechanic is integral to SF characters. It's a perfect marriage with Ryu since he already had two moves that did stun, but I'm planning to add it to every character as well.

2022 Character Updates (Shin Gouki and Lei-Lei added)

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 Posted by PotS  in 2022 Character Updates (Shin Gouki and Lei-Lei added) (Started by PotS January 15, 2022, 10:28:50 AM
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

Hi everyone. For some of you, it's been a while. For the others, it's nice to meet you.

Anyway, even after I disappeared and up until 2014, I still did some updates on my stuff from time to time, but I never felt they were substantial enough to bother repackaging and reuploading everything.

Then a couple months ago I somehow stumbled across the latest version of Ikemen Go, and was so impressed with how far it's come along that I started messing around with Mugen for the hell of it. This time I feel that the updates are so big that it'd be a waste not to share them.

The idea of remaking my older characters did not interest me, but in the end I changed so many things that I might as well have. I wanted them to be closer to the later characters in several aspects and I think I managed to do it.

Initially I was making everything for Mugen 1.1, but then I realized it's not quite as polished as 1.0 and that half the community still uses 1.0, so I kept them for 1.0 while improving compatibility with 1.1.

The plan now is to release updates more or less in chronological order, gather feedback, do the necessary corrections and then update everyone again. So let me know what you find and maybe this time I won't take 12 years to fix it.

Some changes may affect the characters quite a bit, so you should keep the old versions in case you like them better.







Re: Ask POTS

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 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
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Re: Ask POTS

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 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
 Board: All That's Left

-With all due respect, do you reckon that one important part of copying your Mugen style is actually studying the games, the characters, not just putting on fake-CFJ hitsparks and Bada Boom counter popups and not just falling back on "custom" as an excuse, but actually making the effort to make them feel like the character and all that?
Of course. Ideally.

What are the new Capcom fighters lacking in comparison with their 2D follies?
Favorite Bender quote that is not "Bite my shiny metal ass!"?
Have you ever given the albums "808s and Heartbreak" by Kanye West, "The Cool" by Lupe Fiasco, and "GIRL" by Pharell a listen? If yes, what do you think of them?
Tips on keeping yourself calm, composed and aware durng any situation?
First person or Third person shooters?
Would you play Halo 3 and any fighting game of your choice online with me if presented the chance?
- Heart. Darkstalkers and CPS-3 games had more detail and easter eggs than the new stuff.
- First one that comes to mind is:
Fry: My God! Four identical castles!
Bender: Each more identical than the last!

Anything said in Joe DiMaggio's voice and timing is funny. Like Dan Castellaneta when the Simpsons were good.

- I guess I've indirectly listened to the last through all the damn singles. Pharrell really got a sense for good music while he was in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
- Stop overthinking.
- First.
- I've been off the grid in terms of gaming.

Re: Ask POTS

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 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
 Board: All That's Left

- Staying true to the source while trying to make the characters more fun both to use and look at.
- Netplay. I think it'd be the fastest way to give people a sense of balance (as far as it can be accomplished with Mugen).

Re: Ask POTS

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What TV shows are ya watching?
Any good books you've read recently?
If someone asks you about what your favorite creation was again, what would happen?
- Everything I'm watching is between seasons now. Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, True Detective, Masters of Sex...
- I haven't be the read recent.
- I think I've given 3 different answers to that so I'd give a 4th.
- Thanks.

Your top 5 MUGEN creators?
What is the most underrated MUGEN character?
What are you thoughts on the characters of CHOUJIN?
Are there any characters you wanted to create but never got around to doing so?
Do you still keep in touch with your MugenBR brethren such as Pizzaman and Maxim?
Define 'P.O.T.S Style'.
I'm afraid I don't know how to answer most of those. Not like my memory's been in a frozen state since I left.
4- About 100 of them.
5- No.
6- Cram a character with system mechanics and give it shiny effects.

Re: Ask POTS

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 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
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Last question from me.

Do you do your own sprites for your characters?  If so how long it took you to do it?
Most of them, yes. Not sure how long but it certainly took longer than coding.

Hi POTS, nice to see you ! :)

- The porto alcohol they sell in France is very average. Can you recommend one or two Porto which you think are great and are available online ?
- Do you realize Iced summoned you so you could speak to Balthazar, see me again, and become the coder of Piccolo Z2 ?
- I don't really like wine or any sweet beverages. I realize that makes me a disgrace as a Southern European but oh well.
- Always conspiring that guy. It was a worthy effort.

ACTUALLY, my wife can beat NES Super Mario Bros 1 & 3 without losing lives, so YEAH kind of.

Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

And while I have your attention for a brief moment, just have a look at this thread.
- Touché.
- Seen it. You know I'd have been all over it back in the day.


Re: Ask POTS

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 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
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POTs do you think MFG was better than MI?
Do you think MFG is BAN happy?
Who was the biggest mugen troll?
Do you approve of Jmorphman being your successor?
Doesn't xbox1 suck?
- Yes.
- Not sure what it's like now.
- Sol Badguy... something?
- You mean usurper? >:)
- Totes.

- Have you ever tried/used IKEMEN? It's not exactly mugen online, but a clone that has netplay and is compatible with mugen content.
- What was the last character you downloaded?
- What's the minimum wage where you live?
- If someone finished your full game idea, would you secretly hate them?
- Favorite brand of whiskey? Or just whiskey because whiskey?
- Black Dynamite vs Sho-Nuff: who would win?

Of course, thanks for all of your contributions to the community and for being a great guy in general. I remember when I first got into mugen and closed source was still a big deal. You were one of the pioneers to change the views on that(at least around here). Thanks for letting us steal your content.
- I remember that it was pretty buggy back in the day so I never tried it.
- Does the Hyper DBZ demo count? I don't remember individual characters.
- 505€. Terrible.
- It's not really my idea. It's an obvious crossover that's even happened indirectly in the Marvel series. JNP worked on the same idea years before me. If someone did a good job at it I'd certainly spend a good time playing it.
- I always try to buy something different so I guess whiskey because whiskey. Unlike beer it's hard to find brands that taste terrible.
- Black Dynamite.

Yeah, speaking of whiskey... like what kind? Scotch, bourbon, Irish?

Do you know when to use "whiskey" and when to use "whisky?" (no Googling)
- Both bottles on my shelf are Scoth so I guess that's what I buy the most. But as said above I'm not a snob.
- I know it has to do with the origin but I pay it no mind when I use the word.

Second... This is a what could have been type of question. If you didn't went into making your own style for Mugen, what system would have you made from the current Fighting games?

Third... what Fighting Games do you find difficult to learn and/or play?

Well, those are my questions, good to know you decided to step in one more time here.
- That's like asking what your favourite food would be if you couldn't eat what you like.
- 3D fighters in general. I think my brain's been formatted for 2D (though I played my share of 3D).

Oh Lord of Mugen, why didst thou leave us in your perpetual excellence?
So I didn't stay around long enough to ruin that image.

Whoa POTS!  You're back!
It's been so long man!

- What kind of hobbies to you enjoy nowadays?
- Favourite school subject?
- Games you've been playing recently that you enjoy?
- First video game you've played?
- Hardest fighting game final boss you've fought?
- Do you plan on hanging around MFG after your question session is over?
- Mostly movies and financial charts.
- Physics.
- I've only played ROM's lately. Finally got around to the Zelda series this year and it was a blast.
- Robocop on ZX Spectrum I think.
- Anyone can make a hard boss (can you say KOF bosses have good AI?). What I remember best is Akuma Mode being the most fun I had with a boss fight.
- Not really. But I'm always around the corner if you ring me.

Your favorite one of your own creations?
Any modern creation you really like?
Which one was your first creation? Released or not
Your last creation?
- Well Rare Akuma has given me the most laughs.
- It's like I haven't been away for years. >_<
- Sodom.
- Bishamon. Come to think of it it's funny that I started with a pretend samurai and ended with a legendary one.

TRUCKER BOB?! TempesT is the superior choice for your lineage to be good at Fightan Games
Was that how you picked Mrs. Fast? ;P

Thanks everyone. I nominate someone else now, right?


Re: Ask POTS

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 Posted by PotS  in Ask Barker (Started by walt March 13, 2013, 05:40:48 PM
 Board: All That's Left

The one time I was vague in my questioning, and the one time someone took it for face value.

I will them correct myself, friend:
You can add one game mechanic in any one game. What game would it be, what mechanic would it be, and why?
I'd put hit clashing in SF5 because trades are boring and it'd work well with whay they're doing with the animations.

Of course. I am the perfect cartoon villain, after all.
But you alone do not possess the power to stop me. Who are you partying with so I can move on with their final demise at once?
I guess you could kill Jesuszilla so I get a powerup scene.

How do you feel about Mugen's growing popularity in Japan to the point of original characters receiving fanarts (characters such as Fliz, Dragon Claw, Kung Fu Man, Lord Ravenous, Sachiel, etc)?

Aside from Kung Fu Man and Dragon Claw, what other original Mugen characters you recall spending more time playing for gameplay and/or using for testing purposes?
- That sounds great, actually.
- I always had Borghi's stuff around. My brother from another mother.


pick mugenites for each of those verbs.

What is the saddest thing?

Whats your opinion on the feminist critic Anita sarkseesan ?
- Marry Miss B, fuck and kill Iced for that question.
- I never liked saying goodbye. A shocking revelation to the Mugen community, I'm sure.
- I think someone needs to put modern feminism out of its misery. Always looking for petty conflict.

archer, saber or rider ?

if you were able to put one fighitng game character in  another fighting game who would you put there and why ?
similar question, if you were to insert a fighting game stage in another game , where would you insert it and why ?
- Rider. But I'm a casual who's only seen the Zero anime.
- Akuma with his... SFA3 stage in Vampire Hunter. He's a historic secret character who'd fit right in.

how do you pronounce your abbreviation? is it P.O.T.S or potts?
are you annoyed by all the questions asking you to come back?
Breaking bad. how would you have wanted it to end?
are you interested in real life martial arts? whats your favorite?
aaand im done, thank you for answering my random questions and i wish you the best in your future :)
- Latter I guess.
- I got used to it a long time ago.
- That's actually still on my to watch list.
- Maybe if Kung Fu movies count, hehe.

WOW!!! ....

It's amazing see you around after all this time... Saudades cara!

Really, really happy hear you are good and well.... at same time a bit sad this is not a full return.

But we can dream right? If you still tweaking your stuff, there's this spark inside you just waiting the
right time... at least we all hope so.

No questions... just let me say a sincere Thank you for all the works you did for this community.

And of course Happy Holidays!
Obrigado. Um abraço. :)