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Started by President Devon, February 14, 2020, 11:43:12 PM
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[1.1] Acropolis Edit
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This is an edit of Flowrellik's Acropolis2014 stage.
Since it's a relatively recent release here is the topic for the original stage:

Do note that the only reason this is tagged as 1.1 is that I built and tested it on 1.1, it might work out in 1.0 let me know if you test.

Standard and Widescreen definitions are included.
Looped music is included.

Download here. Right Click -> Save to Disk
More stuff here. Right Click -> Open in New Tab.

Thanks to Flowrellik for the original stage and granting permission for this release.
Extra credits are in the readme.

EDIT: Updated .sff file, please redownload.
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