ClayFighter 2 Endings Pack released!! (Read 1253 times)

Started by Basara Starkiller, September 15, 2021, 11:18:41 PM
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ClayFighter 2 Endings Pack released!!
New #1  September 15, 2021, 11:18:41 PM
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Yeah, I got inspirated once again, sorry ;D
In these days I learned finally how to make storyboards (I never did any of them since I started), and since the endings of this game is the closest we can call "endings" (in all the others are the character in move and a wall of text), I figured out they were easy to make. So, here you are, all the endings for the 16 characters of the game (the 8 official ones and their clones/bosses), with the bass music included as seen in this video which I'm based on

I hope you enjoy them, so you can get endings for all your CF chars that appeared in this game, included my versions of Ice, Tiny and Butch (and soon Octohead and Nanaman, too). They're all in one file, but if you want, I can make separate downloads if there're enough quorum... and maybe other endings or intros :P

Stay cool :truestory:
Add-ons -> Intros & Endings (new section, yeah!!)
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