Hyper Neo Geo 64 Asset/Table request thread (Read 4437 times)

Started by Bannana, December 12, 2020, 10:48:17 PM
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Hyper Neo Geo 64 Asset/Table request thread
#1  December 12, 2020, 10:48:17 PM
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I don't have the time between my job, scholarly work, mugen and my pastimes to do any systematic rips of HNG64 assets—especially because I'm using the newer releases of MAME that brute forced HNG64 compatibility, so I don't have access to the old ripping tools that output tilsets in their correct palettes and have to do everything manually. That being said, I can putter around for the 30 or so minutes it takes to rip, assemble, and do any necessary corrections + indexing for individual assets, so I'm willing to take requests.

Ripped Assets

I'm only going to be making characters with Fatal Fury systems from here on out, so I will be more invested in requests that cover SS64/2 and Buriki One because I haven't really ripped those assets at a good quality whatsoever

I rip at either original and double resolution, depending on how well the asset will scale, if I think it will scale poorly, e.g. a portrait, I will only rip at original. Things such as text or bars I will rip at whatever resolution you request.

I will neither rip models nor will I their textures.

Cheat Engine Table(s)

I need to clean up my SS64 system table, but once that's done I'll put it up as well.

Spoiler: A preliminary note (click to see content)

I am willing to add addresses to tables on request, so feel free to ask.

I have not yet made a table for SS64 2, so that will take a little more time than other requests.

Footage for comparison purposes

I haven't made it a secret that I own the boards, and because MAME's emulation is absolute trash and will probably be for a while, and that the only release of a game was the PSX FFWA, which is atrocious in comparison to HNG64, I also can record footage of the games at the proper speed for the purpose of comparing rough animation timing and feel.

I record into OBS through an OSSC linex4 so the picture quality will be as best as possible. This is an early test:

However I have 156kb internet so the outputs will be edited down to maybe no more than 30 seconds so I can upload them.

A note on my previous works

They are not "open source" because the rips from that era, especially Buriki One, are of substandard quality. If you want to use my backend code you are welcome to but I would prefer you not because: a) a lot is written in shorthand and some of it was written before I stared adding in a table of contents to find everything, b) the older back the code goes, the messier and more poorly implemented it is. If I were to return to Buriki One I would 100% rewrite the entire backend from scratch.

That being said, if you wanted to use my code I would recommend getting in contact with me so I could clarify parts of my backend (I'm in the guild discord but I'm an accelerated mid twenties boomer and have it muted, so I'd prefer you pm me @ Whim#1478).

To save me time trying to figure out exactly what you want, fill out requests in a form like this:

GAME - Buriki One
ASSET(S) - Gai Tendo Portrait
ADDRESS - grapple gauge ints
RESOLUTION - original
(say please :p)
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Re: Hyper Neo Geo 64 Asset/Table request thread
#2  December 13, 2020, 11:59:24 AM
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SS64 table uploaded, though I have no actual programming skills so no lua or pointers, so either find P1 health or stamina (65536 at max) or the timer to align addresses