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Started by JJkoolaid, December 23, 2019, 03:11:12 AM
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Jjkoolaid Collection
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JJkoolaid Character Format:
These type of characters follows a format that has playstyle like MVC2,UMVC3,and MVCI. They will be a 6 button format.
These edits will not have 10 useless hypers but will have only few hypers that can special cancel and combo the best. They may also have few special moves or hypers that can be reference from movie or comic for example (for example MCU characters). One hyper will be a Level 3 Hyper with Level 3 Hyper background color. A character is not complete without Ai. No one wants to fight a dummy or have two characters in your roster (one for fighting and one just cause of the Ai). This will be an all in one character. So characters will now include Ai. The Ai will be based on Ai level setting in your arcade settings. Ai Level 1 easiest to fight against to Ai level 8 hardest will make a great sub-boss fight. The Ai is trially tested by me to ensure it is not too brutal for you. Most of my Ai characters could defeat be some other brutal Ai characters but not cheap characters. If I do any newer characters they might include the Darkwolf-Tag Patch for Tag Matches.

Following format is:
6-button characters (for example: having light,medium,hard punch)
MVC2 hyper portrait and background
Using only Darkwolf-13 template MVC2 template (Best Template Ever!)
Will have very smooth gameplay air Combos and mid air combos
Multiple intros and taunts
Round 2, and 3 intros
Special Guest Intros Vs Certain characters
Best voices used for the character from whatever source
Having multiple attacks sounds and get hit sounds. (characters will not just have few sounds)
Cheap KO code
Probably with Tag Patch by Darkwolf-13
A lot of winquotes (Comic Winquotes as well)
Gameplay style close but not exact to source if characters is UMVC3 or MVCI character but 6 buttons.
Won't have default AI but will have challenging AI that will air combo you. AI level is easy to hardest (1-8) depending on mugen setting in arcade
Probably guest character in same character with different voice and pallete.

Released Characters

Morrigan Aensland

Post and Link Here:

Lilith Aensland

Link in Video

MVCI Venom

Link and post here:

Invisible Woman
Collab Project with 087-b

Link and post here:

Ada Wong RE4 [MVC2]

Post and Link Here:

Preview Video:

Grandmaster Subzero (MVC2 Character)

Post and Link Here:

Netherrealm Scorpion (MVC2 Character)
Preview Video:

Post and Link Here:

Janne D Arc [MVC2] (Beta Released)
Preview Video:

Cammy Delta Red [MVC2] (Beta Released)
Preview Video:

Only future project for now
There are no projects at this time..

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