Phoenix Edit for Mugen 1.0 (Read 4169 times)

Started by Swanky, February 02, 2022, 05:12:18 pm
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Phoenix Edit for Mugen 1.0
#1  February 02, 2022, 05:12:18 pm
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by Blade

additional AI code by MystikBlaze
edits by Swanky


There are many versions of Phoenix around at this point. While this specific edit does not take advantage of the most advanced (and most fluid) spritework of Phoenix, it hopefully makes up for it with overall consistency, in both looks and gameplay.
Blade graciously allowed me to release this edit, thank you very much for doing so! :)

List of Changes:
- reworked TK Trap. TK Shot no longer affects TK Trap effects. TK Trap can now counter many projectiles.
- TK Trap duration slighty decreased.
- TK Trap effects changed. Fire goes out a little faster to give a visual hint when it's about to go out
- changed Phoenix Rage effects and damage on block
- Streamlined combo system to hopefully disallow for infinites. Now has a clean structure of how combos can flow (zigzag)
- changed some frame data to further disallow for infinites, or for basics to better connect
- added some missing floor / ceil expressions
- extended sHP hitbox to the flame. Now a potent tool for zoning.
- deleted the flame effect from cHP, now used by Phoenix Rage
- repositioned some fire effects for better flow
- added a pushblock move. Effects from Breakers.
- added a simple AI. She does a good job zoning enemies out
- fixed 9000,1 portrait

Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

Gameplay notes
Phoenix is relatively nimble, but has slow normals. Most of her kit revolves around clever use of TK Trap and TK Shot to bait, zone and punish the opponent. It is also possible to use them to extend combos.

- basics are slow compared to other characters
- now have a clear structure - can zigzag as well as wmh
- sHP now extends to the flame and wallbounces
- sHK launcher is easier to use than cHK Launcher

- TK trap has been reworked significantly and is now used as a trap, zoning and even combo extending tool
- TK trap height is dependant on strength - weak will place low, medium will place in front, heavy will place high
- TK Shot has different travel speed depending on strength
- Teleport distance based on strength
- aerial Teleport will teleport to ground
- Hover gives a small upwards momentum for when you want to extend your airtime

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Re: Phoenix Edit for Mugen 1.0
#2  February 02, 2022, 06:34:06 pm
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Balanced and cool. What if we knew that you did to her could I sorta imagine. AI code surely fitted well.
Re: Phoenix Edit for Mugen 1.0
#3  February 04, 2022, 06:34:42 pm
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Phoenix has been updated. Her TK-Shots now also block projectiles. Her download has been moved over into the main download on moddb.