Super ClayFighter but it's by Basara-kun & friends!! (Read 1293 times)

Started by Bad Mr. Basara, November 25, 2021, 06:21:44 AM
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Super ClayFighter but it's by Basara-kun & friends!!
#1  November 25, 2021, 06:21:44 AM
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Super ClayFighter it's the only fullgame dedicated to ClayFighter series, made enterely by Xandegraf (excepting the screenpack, made by Scaner) with all of the chars there are made by him. The quality is questionable but it's a famous fullgame anyway. And that's where I enter with this heavy modification, replacing almost all his chars for mine until now (since Earthworm Jim to the recent Nanaman), as well chars by Joey Faust, Shadowtak and others.

Spoiler: Screenshots (click to see content)

So here you are, this is my first released compilation I ever made, that's why goes here instead of Edits & Add-ons or any other section in Releases. If you want something like SCF but like "made by Basara-kun", well here you are :P and since this is not official, I gave you a MF link instead ;) enjoy!!

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