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Started by Just No Point, September 30, 2015, 04:05:17 PM
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type (CNS)
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Part of the Statedef
This is the state type of P1 in that state. It defines if he is standing, crouching, in the air, or lying down. The corresponding values are "S", "C" , "A" and "L" respectively (without the quotation marks). To leave the type unchanged from the previous state, use a value of "U". If this line is omitted, it assumes the type is "S". You will most commonly use "S", "C" and "A". For example, a crouching state type would require the line:

type = C
The type is used to determine several factors, most importantly, how P1 will react to being hit. For example, being in a "stand"-type state, P1 will react as if he is standing on the ground. If the type was "air", then P1 would react to the hit accordingly.
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Re: type (CNS)
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While not explicitly stated, the type defined in the statedef is only applied at the beginning of the state and lasts throughout the state until changed. One mistake many newcomers to Mugen coding make is an attack that takes the player off the ground (ie: a Shoryuken) and while the character may appear in the air, they are technically in a "S" state type, as they forget to change the state type. Type can be changed in the middle of a state by using the StateTypeSet controller.