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Started by Just No Point, September 09, 2015, 05:55:04 PM
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AnimElemNo (Triggers)
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Returns the number of the animation element in the current action that would be displayed at the specified time. The argument to AnimElemNo represents the time to check, expressed in game ticks, relative to the present.

Expression that evaluates to the time offset (int).
Return type:
Error conditions:
Returns bottom if you try to check a time that would fall before the start of the current action.
If the action is currently within its looping portion, then it is assumed to have been looping forever. That is, no matter how far into the past you check, AnimElemNo will always return an element number that lies within the looping portion of the action.

trigger1 = AnimElemNo(0) = 2
  True when the animation element to be displayed 0 ticks in the
  future (i.e., now) is element 2. This is equivalent to:
    trigger1 = AnimElem = 2, >= 0
    trigger1 = AnimElem = 3, < 0

trigger1 = AnimElemNo(2) = 4
  True when the animation element that will be displayed two ticks
  from now is element 4. This is equivalent to:
    trigger1 = AnimElem = 4, >= -2
    trigger1 = AnimElem = 5, < -2
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Re: AnimElemNo (Triggers)
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Animelemno(0) will always return the current animation element the player is.

For example, you can create a frame advance feature that will advance one animation frame when the hit connects, effectively bypassing the hitting frame animation ticks and hitpauses for the player:

[State 0, Advance Frame]
type = ChangeAnim
trigger1 = movehit
value = Anim
elem = AnimElemno(0)+1
ignorehitpause = 1
persistent = 0
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